Proton's Electronic Music From The Tattoo Industry
02:01 PM
This week, legendary tattooists Guy Aitchison and Michele Wortman have expanded their book publishing company, Proton Press, to include instrumental music produced within the tattoo industry.

The music label kicks off with five albums, each with their own signature electro-groove: Sunchannel by Michele Wortman; Hydrone by Brion Norwalk, a tattooist from Ohio; Divine Machine by Corey Cudney, a tattooist from Buffalo, NY; Satchi Om (self-titled), a tattoo collector from Oakland, CA; and Sursum by Peter Stauber, a tattoo collector from Las Vegas.

You can preview the music here and also purchase them as downloads or CDs.

Chris Stauber interviewed Guy & Michelle about this new venture. Here's a taste of that talk:

What is the connection between visual art and music?

Music really sets the mood and energy for how you experience your surroundings and how you feel. Both Guy and I have been deep into electronic music for well over a decade and usually play that kind of music when doing artwork and tattooing. Besides our own enjoyment of it and how we feel it helps us to expand our creative groove with people whom we work on and who seem to really resonate with it. We enjoy the mood it creates for getting tattooed to finding it atmospheric while at the same time energetic. It is easy to zone to but also keeps things going. It creates an elevated sense of space, which coincides well with creating elevated artwork. Electronic music is neurally stimulating much in the same way that Salvador Dali's paintings are. It is imaginative and open to interpretation.

What does Proton Press hope to accomplish with this new music label?

We hope to share this sound and spread the sonic frequencies across the land. Would love tattoo shops to play it and artists and clients to find it stimulating to work to.

We are launching the Proton music at the premiere release party in the special events room during Hell City Tattoo Convention on Saturday night, May 22nd. This will be a night of live performances from all 5 projects. Be sure to check out the room if you are there for the convention. It should be an amazing experience.

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