Russian Criminal Tattoos for Hollywood
03:02 PM
russian prison tattoo.jpg

With the new Russian mob doc, Thieves By Law, causing some buzz at the Tribeca Film festival, criminal tattoos are back on the A List. Inspired by their symbolism, The Daily Tribeca came up with their own tattoo interpretations for the "Hollywood Gulag" with a little help from NYC tattooist Daniel Albrigo. It made me giggle.

Check Gawker for the larger version of this illustrated guide.

your last link in the article is a redundancy and incorrect.

oops. Fixed it. Thanks!

Dumb question: who are the three men on the chest? I am guessing famous directors or producers, but I can't recognize any of them.
The "xenu is my copilot" is hilarious.
melina bee

darn i was hoping this was a still from the sauna scene in Eastern Promises as that has to be the hottest naked russian tattoo scene ever out of hollywood!!!

I see mcarthyism is alive and well in the media, any affiliation with a union (even a wishy-washy union like thr writers guild) makes you a part of the soviet union.

George - paranoid much? I was assuming the use of the hammer and sickle was a nod to the original tattoos, but not all of us can be as in tune to the media conspiracy.

@melina - i think that at least one of them is supposed to be harvey weinstein.

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