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12:37 AM
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Recently, I've been getting a bunch of press releases for mobile applications relating to tattoos -- most recycling old flash, ala the tribal dragon, and touting it as a way to "pick your next ink" [bleh]. Naturally, I hit the delete button.

But just this week, a new app hit the iTunes store that has quickly become my favorite:

Check Tattoo IQ by the Hell City crew.

Essentially, it's a trivia game where the more right answers you get, the higher you climb the tattoo social ladder, from scratcher to apprentice to tattoo guru. And getting to tattoo guru ain't easy. The questions are fun but also challenging, covering topics including the history, lingo, tech & bio, and culture surrounding the art. A clock ticks down so there isn't much time to ponder things like "Who patented the first tattoo machine?" or "How many layers does a tattoo get injected into the skin?"

Don't expect a cheat sheet either. If you need to find the right answer, you gotta keep playing (or resort to the Google gods). New questions are added every month so the game doesn't get stale.

Tattoo IQ is smart, entertaining (especially some of the wrong answers) and only 99 cents. Definitely worth the download.

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