Tattoo's: A Scarred History
12:04 PM

This video contains footage of extreme body modification & some nudity. It would fall under the "Not Safe For Work" category, unless you're at Goldman Sachs where you can get away with anything.

This week, a film exploring various body modification has been released in the UK on DVD:
Tattoo's: A Scarred History is a documentary that claims to take a "sociological look at tattoos and tries to answer the question of why tattoos have become such a large part of today's society."

The why question of tattoos, to me, is just as fascinating as the art. When constantly asked about why I have become heavily tattooed, I often simply say. "Because I like it," but naturally there are deeper layers to it, some I may not even be conscious of. In tackling this question, the documentary talks with a variety of experts as well as collectors:

"With help from sociologists, psychotherapists, MP's and Bishops, we delve into the minds of people to discover their emotional and personal reasons for getting a tattoo, including Meg Gaffney's powerful story as she seeks a tattoo artist to replicate her nipples after battling breast cancer."

This promo text from the film got me excited that we'll finally see a film on modern tattooing that takes a serious look at the art and psychology of body modification. Unfortunately, the video above seems to tell another story -- the usual freakshow you see on most tattoo-related films including, but not limited to, the green-scaled tattooed penis. It also discusses other body art like tongue splitting and scarification but with the presenter wincing while saying, "Personally, I'd never have this done [looks off into the distance and sighs]." Sigh, indeed.

Keep in mind that I'm only responding to what is presented in the trailer. As it has only just been released in the UK, I've yet to see the full film and thus this post is not meant as a review. In fact, it has gotten praise from trusted tattoo source Skin Deep Magazine. So I may be unnecessarily harsh here and the trailer may simply have the shock elements up front to attract those beyond the tattoo community.

I reserve full-on snobiety when it becomes available for purchase in the US. For those in the UK, you can now buy the film on Amazon.UK for about eight pounds.

OK... is it just my sick sense of humor, or did anyone else find it hilarious to see David Carradine making a "choking" gesture at 0:14?

Carradine gesture hilarious? No.
Dude with the tattooed penis? Most definitely.


I just got a copy of the DVD dropped off at my doorstep yesterday, so I watched it and did a full review of it. 3/5 (+1 for the Penis Dragon and Lady Di tattoo reaction)

If you want, i'll fork it over to ya =)


.: Adam

Marisa, it was awful. It was basically this woman going, "I don't get why people would get tattoos at all!", and being shocked all the time at nothing. The only good thing about it was the fact they touched upon the eBay thing, and scratchers, but even that was rounded off with, "well now I really don't know why anyone would get a tattoo, it's so dangerous!" (not a real quote, but it might as well be). Really, I just did not like it at all, I thought it was stupid, to be honest.

Also, you can see the professionalism these two have at the very end: "this is dedicated to our grandma's"... your grandma's what? I'm picking at nothing, I know, but it's still bugging me.


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