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While at the NYC Tattoo Convention a couple of weekends ago, I was introduced to a phenomenal black & grey artist whose realism and ornamental work is stellar, not just in its complex composition but also in the absolute harmony with the shape of the client's body.

Check out the online portfolio of Caesar Tattoo in NYC.

Caesar, a Hungarian native, did his first tattoo in 1994 on a drunk in a smoky pub on the rural side of Budapest. Without someone to teach him the craft, Caesar "screwed up every volunteer's skin around," learning by trial and error, experimenting and carefully observing what worked and what didn't. Since that rocky start, Caesar has refined his technique and style, making him an exciting artist to watch. Yes, he's gotten international magazine coverage, but I'm surprised I haven't seen more considering his extensive body of large scale, powerful work.

I thought it would be interesting to feature Caesar today, in particular, based on the work above -- a half sleeve melding the Dominican and US flags, showing ethnic pride and American patriotism. [It's not an either/or thing, Governor Brewer.]

caesar tattoo2.jpg
Here's what Caesar said of the tattoo:

"Anthony is a broker from Long Island. He was born in the Dominican Republic--that's why there's the Dominican seal on the bicep and the gray-scaled Dominican flag--and he was raised in the US, which the American flag represents. I added the two little baby angels who hold the banner on the top of the seal. The cover up part is the window of the St. Rose Cathedral. His daughter's name is Rose. There's also a little rose bud growing out from the stone crack, fighting. We kept the original rose tattoos he had and just reworked them. I also added little daisies to break up the common sticker-style rose feeling."

Caesar's next convention date will be July 30-August 1st at the Visionary Tattoo Arts Festival in Ashbury Park, NJ. Otherwise, catch him at his East Village atelier

caesar 3.jpg

thats an awesome sleeve man.

thats an awesome sleeve man.

how much does that tattoo cost??!!

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