Die Antwood Video's 11-Hour Tattoo Session
05:54 PM

From Boing Boing:

"To promote their forthcoming debut album release on Interscope (news of which first broke here on Boing Boing), Ninja of Die Antwoord gets a full-back tattoo of the album title, $0$. (And yes, haters, it's real: Ninja explains to Boing Boing that the video documents an uninterrupted 11-hour inking session, all in one shot)."

Would love to know who the tattooist is. Rarely in credits--whether in fashion spreads or music videos that even feature the tattoos--will you see them listed.


"Would love to know who the tattooist is."

Someone really, really slow.

Look at what's he's using to tattoo though. I'm also assuming those hours include design and stencil as well as tattooing.

well, i guess 11 hours would make sense, seeing as how the tattooist doesn't seem to be holding an electric machine (no coil/rotary or power cable).

hand-poke with a bic pen and a sewing needle, perhaps?

otherwise, i call "bull hooey."

There's some solid black in there. If the artist doesn't specialize in blackwork, it could take some time to put the ink in there especially tattooing old school.

Of course, in marketing, who knows the truth.

Just saying that it is possible.

Oh, it's entirely possible, as I have been tattooed by some of the industry's slower hands (including one 9-hour session that started at 10pm; never again). I'm just sayin': 11 hours for that is not so fast.

Also: nice move putting the ink cap on the client's back. "Be still!"

wow, that's awful!

i've done 9 hour hand poked sessions...

and almost as long electric because the artist was a smoker and had to stop every half hour or so for a cigarette break. seriously - i found another artist after that part of my back was finished!!!

The guy's known for impersonating different characters for different musical projects, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's just edding + myth cultivation... just youtube the band. It's not like they're overly serious ;)

I was hoping the whole thing was a joke after going to their website and seeing the ninja video.

So is the general consensus that this is a hoax?
I've been following the Die Antwoord saga for a while now with amused interest and it's great to see them turn up on here. Personally, I think the 11 hour figure might well be exaggerated but the tattoo looks real, as do his other, drunk scratcher type tattoos (my personal favourite is the hilarious "a woman is more dangerous than a loaded gun").
The wider repercussions of his tattoos are also worth considering. If Die Antwoord get as famous as they're tipped to be, then dodgy prison style tattoos might become fashionable. Kind of ironic considering the massive advances that have been made in tattooing in the last fifteen years or so........

Fake tattoo or not, their music blows.

Wait, these people are supposed to get famous? Based on what?

First of all the band is supposed to be a joke. He is a conceptual artist and it is no more stupid than Ali G or Borat. Secondly, the tattoo, and all of Waddy's tattoos are real. The tattoo took 11 hours to do and was done by Tyler Murphy at SOS (Sins of Style) in Cape Town South Africa.

Oh, it took 11 hours because it was completely hand poked. His hand poked tattys are cleaner than a lot of people's machine made jammies.

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