Holly Rose Review Final Issue
12:38 PM
hhr worry.jpg

Our beloved tattoo and poetry journal, Holly Rose Review, has published its last issue but it leaves on its strongest note ever. As always, the poetry is finely curated by Editor and Publisher Theresa Senato Edwards, and the words are illustrated by the tattoo work of Luba Goldina, Maxime Lanouette, and Sean Herman.

The theme of this issue is Worry, as Theresa explains:

The poems share worries of all sorts: impending storms, the world ending, death, failure, germs, and aging. There is also an underlying motif of what transpires in dreams or when one lacks the capability to have them. There are questions of love, of living dishonestly, of inequality, even a subtle query of the laws of physics.

The art stuns us with facial expressions; well, let's face it (pun intended), the face is the first place where worry seems to land. And there is a vibrancy in the art, capturing the landscape of worlds filled with a tugging, terror, both real and surreal.

We're sad to see such a wonderful publication come to an end, but grateful for a project that brought our favorite art forms together so fluidly.

Glad there was a journal along with it. The narrative makes the tattoo a hundred times greater.

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