Mas Cinco de Mayo - Danny Trejo "Machete"
01:09 PM
About two weeks ago, I was sitting in the lounge of a midtown Manhattan voice-over studio, wrestling furiously with the typography and liner-notes for the next Lapdance Academy release.  There was another guy sitting on the couch across from me, also on a MacBook, messing about with FinalCut Pro and calmly giving direction to an editor on the other end of the iPhone tethered to his ear.  We didn't speak; with a simple nod and a smile, we made it clear to each other that we were busy.

I later found out it was the director Robert Rodriguez  and he was there to record a few lines for a popular animated series on Fox.  I really shoulda struck up a conversation.  Anyway...

Today, Ain't It Cool News linked to the trailer his new film, Machete.  Rodriguez's latest homage to B-movies stars his cousin and everyone's favorite tattooed, Mexican bad-ass - who proudly sports the massive bandita tattoo on his chest, voted the "Most Recognizable Tattoo In The World" by International Tattoo magazine - Danny Trejo.

I won't speculate on that one, but I will say that I have the utmost respect for Trejo and his humble outlook on his acting career.  As he told the Guardian UK:

From 1985, when I first started, to 1990, I did a shitload of B-movies about prisons. They would always say, "Get that Mexican guy with the big tattoo." I'd show up and I'd have one line, like, "Kill 'em all!" or somethin'.

Plus, the trailer for this film looks totally.  Friggen.  Sweet.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Felicidades a todos! Bebe mucho, pero con cuidado!

TOTALLY friggin sweet! I wanna go see it despite Lindsey Lohan.

BTW: Don Johnson!

I cannot wait for this movie.

Hey, Lohan was good in the Parent Trap!

Sadly there is no current plan to actually release Machete - it's been in the can for a year.

Honestly, I want to see it because of Lindsay Lohan.

My favorite part is how Don Johnson gets an "Introducing" credit... Too funny.

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