My New Foot Tattoo
11:57 AM
new foot tattoo.jpgI'm in pain.

Yes, we know tattoos hurt. It's what gives the art much of its badassness. I used to think that the pain was absolutely necessary to be part of the tattoo tribe. That is, until I got my feet tattooed and all I wanted was a Vicodin. [I didn't get one.] There was a time when I would've said tattooing my ribs had to be the worst, but now I know that my freshly tattooed foot--all swollen and throbbing (and not in a good way)-- wins for the most suckage.

But I'll stop my whining here and give you the lowdown on my new pretty tootsie.

Yesterday, I was at Tattoo Culture in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where Dan DiMattia works as a guest artist when he's in town, away from his Liege, Belgium studio. Dan has done most of my tattoo work: my sleeves, backpiece, ribs, stomach, and small hand tattoo.

In advance of my appointment, I sent Dan an email with images of my other foot tattoo by Jacqueline Spoerle--which you can read about here--and told him I wanted a floral design as well with a shape symmetrical to the other. That's all I said.

When I got to Tattoo Culture, he had a bunch of designs he drew up for me to choose from for the top of my foot; I picked my fave and then he freehanded the side up by my ankle and added a few extra touches all around. Perfecto.
foot tattoo.jpgNow the hard part.

The needles went it, the endorphins kicked, and all was cool for a hot minute until my foot then wanted to twitch and do a little dance. I kept it steady but it caused my body to tense up, so it took a while to relax and get into the shop banter. And there was plenty of it.

Loic from France is also guesting at the shop along with Noon--two of my absolutely favorite artists of the French Avante Garde/Art Brut style. The same way he needles humor into his tattoos, Loic offered comic relief. Or maybe it was just easy to make fun of him. Or maybe it was easy to make fun of both he and his client, a young girl who wanted a French sentence on her wrist that didn't make much sense but still insisted on getting it even after two native Francophones advised against it. [In the end, Loic did word it in a way that was understandable, albeit still retaining its desired idiocy.] Beyond that, I think the dude has a foot fetish, but I'll leave it at that.

It makes such a difference to get tattooed in a friendly and relaxed shop where the art is serious but the people are goofy. Or at least my own goofiness was allowed to flourish and shine.

The downside of being in a friendly shop, is that the guys are too friendly. When a woman walked in with a stroller asking if she could calm her screaming baby down inside the shop instead of outside, they said Ok. She didn't stay long but I was more annoyed by the audacity than the wailing. If there was ever a final nail in the coffin of tattoo studio intimidation, this was it. Again, a trade-off.

While Dan takes his time in designing, he is really fast at tattooing, which is pretty amazing considering he's meticulous in his line and dotwork. The actual tattooing took less than an hour. *phew*

We wrapped my puffy foot up, and I managed to stuff it into my over-sized rain boots. Today, it's nestled comfortably in monkey slippers. [sexy time!] The big question, however, is what to wear when I'm on my feet all tomorrow and through the weekend at the NYC Tattoo Convention.

As I ponder the great footwear debate, I'll end in all caps:  I LOVE MY TATTOOED FEET.

When you are ready for the next level of tattoo pain, get your nose done ;)

Lovely work, Marisa! And thanks for your post; I just made an appointment to get BOTH of my feet done in about a month.

So far, the ass (and just below the ass) has been the worst pain I've felt. The only potential saving grace for my feet is that they're small.

That is a beautiful piece.

My feet are long, narrow, and bony - I fear they wouldn't even take a tattoo well, much less look as nice as your chubby little princess feet!

Nose and ass. Yup, I think would be worse!

And Elizabeth, I laughed out loud at "chubby little princess feet"! So much better than "troll toes" as my dear friends call them. ;)

That tattoo is lovely, Marisa :) I especially love the shading in it!
As soon as I read the word "twitch" up there I remembered getting my foot tattooed (I have a beautiful portrait of Michael Jackson by Hayley Parkin :) ) I remembered how much my foot was the same! That was more irritating than the pain, I reckon.

As for what to wear on your feet, do you have any ballet pump style shoes? They're pretty cheap to pick up on the way to the convention if you don't.. they work a treat, even if you're a wrapper like me :) Not sure where you'd pick the best up from over where you are though!

Have fun at the convention!

tossing virtual vicodin at ya. doesn't do a lot but it's the thought that counts.


i vote wear the monkey slippers to the convention

and this was nice to see since my foot is the next place i want to get tattooed. and i have big feet. its gonna be fun.

you know what i say... gorgeous!!
oh and yippeee father in law has a fresh rx of vicodin woo hoo

So, wait, are we talking about nose to ass's? I wasn't paying attention.

Oh I love this and I am "glad" to hear that my suffering from my foot tattoo a few months ago was not because I am a giant baby. I love feet tattoos, and especially since "chubby princess feet" get all the love in this area.
It's really beautiful and actually I find wailing babies extremely irritating and find it really rude that she would do that in a service/non-child oriented atmosphere. Sorry to sound like such a grouch, but I feel like there are certain places you just shouldn't have your patience pushed any further like say when needles are involved...

Of course, I have to chime in and say "splendid!". I guess you can take consolation in the fact that you don't have to fly have way halfway across the world while recovering. Looking forward to seeing you at the convention!

I really like the pictures you've drawn

That's a lovely piece - a perfect example of the style, but you already knew that, right?
Thank you for bringing Loic to my attention. It's great to see what he's been doing with lettering.

my feet were probably my worst sittings...i think i wore ugg boots for weeks afterwrds, as i was travelling, ugh ugh!

so pretty and so worth it though - now you are balanced xxx

Marisa, are you going to do the wet cure/heal again, or the LItFA method?
Make that "did". It is lovely.

1) my knuckles are bloody

2) hot compresses & Emu Oil is all i needed for my feet.
that and air whenever possible.

wearing snug, but not too tight, slip-on sneakers worked for me. NO laces, buckles or other crap.
make sure they are not too loose, which leads to rubbing and irritating.

as far as the pain, try both feet at the same time (as in 2 artists).
good times

3) keep up the great work!

almost forgot:

Peds are our friends

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