Rock & Rebar Work-Wear and Bonus Give-Away
12:04 PM
rock and rebar 3.jpg I'll admit that Needles and Sins can get pretty snobby with all our highbrow and tattoo couture blah blah because we want to show that white collars cover up colorful tattoos as well. At the same time, we can't neglect our blue collar brethren, so I found a new company who is showing some love with tattoo-inspired tees for Plumbers, Carpenters, Electricians, Masons, Painters, Roofers and Iron workers. 

Rock & Rebar designs work-wear for men "to salute America's craftsmen and union members." The tees are thick, 100% cotton emblazoned with traditional Americana motifs--skulls, daggers, snakes and the like.

On the inside of the collar, where you'd normally find a clothing tag, there's a dedication to James Daniel Butterfly (1973-2007) who died of an accidental overdose. Rock & Rebar is his sister Helen Butterfly's tribute to him.

Helen is a designer who has worked in the industry for over 15 years. When Jimmy died, she wanted to do something positive to recover from the loss, so she created this line to honor her brother as well as her family's blue collar roots.

You can purchase the tees denoting different trades online at Helen also sent me tees to give away to two Needles & Sins winners.

GIVEAWAY:  I have the Electrician and Carpenter tees (both medium but on the large side). The first two people to send me a message at marisa at needlesandsins dotcom -- with a description of your tattoos and what trade you're in -- will get one.



I bet my Brian would love the carpenter one, being a carpenter and all...

Hope you are well, it's been too long.



Rachel, the carpenter tee hasn't gone yet. Shoot me an email.

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