Six Flags Denies Entry to Tattooed Woman
11:35 AM
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According to NBC Dallas, 30-year-old Texas mom, Samantha Osborn, went to Six Flags Amusement Park with her husband to celebrate his birthday but was denied entrance because an employee said her guns and roses tattoo was violent and offensive. As you can see from above, the tattoo is a chest piece of six shooters and some flowers--not an homage to Axl's  Chinese Democracy album so it clearly could've been worse.

The employee said the tattoo was as offensive as a swastika and those with swastikas are banned from the park by policy. While park managers do have discretion in denying customers access if they feel their clothing is "inappropriate or vulgar," the code does not mention tattoos. Oh, but she was offered the option to buy a $5 t-shirt to cover up. Customer service!

I like that Osborn didn't just let the incident go. She complained and got an email apology from the park, which means little really, but perhaps she motivated the company to draft better policies where employees can't discriminate at will. And with the press she's getting, maybe other companies will do the same. Meanwhile, she'll be taking her funnel cake cravings elsewhere.

As offensive as a swastika?!?!? Someone needs to educate the person that said that.

And don't hate on Chinese Democracy Marisa! It's a good album! I just saw GnR in concert a couple of months ago with Sebastian Bach (I wasn't with Sebastian, he was with GnR) and it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to.

Oi vey.
I've run into that sort of ignorance. Makes your jaw drop when it happens.
Fighting back loudly like she is doing is the best medicine.

Does anyone else see the irony of this happening in Texas, one of the more gun-friendly states? It's a slippery slope and what about the hypocrisy of an amusement park saying guns are offensive when I'm sure they have at least one carnival game in which you get to wield a gun and shoot at a target in order to win a big six-foot stuffed animal.

Six Flags Dress Code: In keeping with our family-friendly atmosphere, and for health and safety reasons, Six Flags strictly enforces a dress code. Proper attire must be worn at all times, including shirts and appropriate footwear. Clothing with rude, vulgar or offensive language or graphics is not permitted, and shirts cannot be turned inside-out as a solution. Bathing suits may be worn only in water park areas. Park admission may be denied if clothing is deemed by management to be inappropriate.

Letters they are now sending in response to complaints over this incident:On behalf of the entire Six Flags Over Texas Management Team, I thank you for taking time out of your day to write with your concerns regarding our park.

Six Flags Over Texas does not discriminate based on race, religion, sexual orientation, political persuasion, or any other factor. We do ask that all guests abide by park policies in keeping with our family-friendly atmosphere which includes a dress code. Proper attire must be worn at all times. Graphics with rude, vulgar, offensive language, or any other graphics deemed not family-friendly are not permitted, including tattoos. Tattoos that violate park policy are deemed not permissible must be covered up in order to maintain the family-friendly atmosphere that we want to maintain for all of our guests.

If the tattoo is not offensive in nature, not vulgar, or does not have any offensive language or graphics, the guest will not be required to cover the tattoo as it does not violate park policy.

Please be assured that your comment has been shared with our Management Team.

Have a Six Flags Day!

I have never before today heard of a carni on a power trip,fat female bar tenders,bored cops, yes but a carni?

i like that she stood up for herself. its important that we fight all kinds of discrimination!

that said:
guns denote violence,
and violence is offensive to many people.

we have no right to invalidate other's feelings/ opinions just because we have the right do wear whatever we want on our skin.

the best we can hope for is to retain the right to do whatever we want with our bodies. but the flip-side is that we all have to take responsibility for our choices & actions.

A drawing of a gun does not denote violence, violent intent or violent desires.

Using the "guns denote violence" theory one could argue that the American eagle clutching arrows denotes violence.
The Christian cross denotes violence.
And yes, we do have the right to invalidate another's feelings/opinions when they impede on common sense.
Little things like giving women the right to vote, freeing slaves the civil rights act banning smoking in public buildings all invalidated others feelings and opinions.
Denying entry to an amusement part because of small minded ignorant "feelings" is stupid.
There are pharmacists who refuse to disperse the "plan B" pill because there "opinion" is that it's wrong.
It's all part of the same imposing of misguided morality.

gun imagery sure as fuck does invoke violence to my mind!!
guns dont bake cakes or knit nice sweaters, they fucking maim, destroy and kill.

stick to the topic, instead of dragging a bunch of other stuff to support your weak ass rant.

PS: they are nice tatts!

Oh I see, since "gun imagery sure as fuck does invoke violence to my mind!!" the subject is settled. Got it.
Apparently opposing view points tend to invoke a bit of violence in you as well.

Drawings of guns don't "fucking maim, destroy and kill" Nor do they bake cakes or knit nice sweaters.

I sure hope peteD3 doesn't own a gun. He has violence on his mind and seems to get a might worked up if someone has an opinion different than his.
His brand of fundamentalism doesn't leave much room for the exchange of ideas.
But to be fair, maybe he can't tell the difference between a tattoo of a gun and the real thing.

thats what you call debate?
putting words in someone's mouth and judging when you dont know me at all? insults and postulations?

how about the discussing topic instead of personal attacks?
what a bad joke.

oh well, that the interwebz...

Police and many security guard carry real guns are they banned?
The early Texas battle flag, "Come and Take it" had a cannon on it.
The swastika was used by many cultures throughout the past 3,000 years to represent life, sun, power, strength, and good luck, that include American Indians and Asians.
I can understand the swastika being a problem for Jewish groups and other Europeans because of Nazis but they were not the only ones in history to use it.

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