Tattoo Dolls by Mimi Kirchner
01:09 PM
tattooed dolls.jpg
To be filed under I want, I want, I want!

These tattooed dolls are hand made by Mimi Kirchner, a Boston-based doll maker and "fiber artist." The faces are individually embroidered, and the bodies are made of reclaimed and over-dyed cotton fabrics (and scraps from her home decorating projects) stuffed with high quality polyester fill. These are not plushies for the kiddies but art toys for adults (although I kinda wanna squish them myself).

The dolls sell for about $250 US and can be purchased via her Etsy store or at markets like the upcoming Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair, June 5 & 6th, at McCarren Park.

The tattooed pirate doll below is my favorite.

tattooed pirate doll.jpgThank you, Samantha, of Haute Macabre!!

me want me want me want, too!


holy shit, these are awesome!!

So amazingly tempting! And freaking awesome. But need to funnel expendable funds into saving up for my next backpiece session. Le sigh. This will go to the top of my very long wish list! :)

Man that is sssooo cool. I love that its a vintage style doll of vintage imagery not usually (ever?) seen in doll shape.

So cool - I absolutely love the different tattoo dolls you can find by artists. Nice work.

You mentioned some interesting points, I was actually referred here by a friend of mine. Defaintely good info.

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