Aurora Meneghello Photography of Idexa Stern Tattoos
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idexa stern tattoo.jpgFor the past couple of weeks, I've been posting some previews of tattoos featured in my upcoming books because I'm so psyched (exclamation point) every time I get a new batch of photos and can't wait to share. While the focus has been on the tattoo art of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't give props to the wonderful photographers who are a part of these projects. So today, I'm doing both.

Check the tattoo work of Idexa Stern of Black & Blue Tattoo and photographer Aurora Meneghello who's captured Idexa's clients here (and in the book).

Idexa, who was also featured in my Black Tattoo Art book, specializes in abstract and blackwork tattoos drawn freehand on the body so that the art--whether it be geometric lines or soft flowing patterns--appears organic, just really natural, on the wearer. Idexa is about making the tattoo experience a personal and spiritual one in the belief of self-transformation through art. She says, "One could think of tattooing as a way of making the outside of the body look more the way it feels from the inside."

idexa stern tattoo3.jpgAnd so, with this philosophy, it seems such a natural fit to be working with photographer and filmmaker Aurora Meneghello whose mission it is to not only make her subjects look "beautiful in the photo but also feel beautiful inside."  
In shooting tattooed beauties, Aurora keeps the art in focus but never loses the crux that it is on a living canvas. There's also a gentleness and serenity in her photos, which is far from the rock & roll candied pin-up imagery often seen today (which I dig, there's just so much more of it).

On her blog, Aurora discusses her collaboration with Idexa:

"Idexa loves what she does, and her enthusiasm is contagious. She told me she wanted to move away from the usual pictures of tattoos in the studio, in front of a black background, so we got creative, looking for a background that matched each tattoo, and shooting outside, using natural light. Luckily the weather cooperated." 

The risk of doing this is that the environment can overwhelm the very point of the photo--to show the tattoo. Not so here. You can see more of the images from that shoot on Aurora's  blog.
Ok, and it's also cool to see talented women combining super-powers. Idexa's women owned and gender inclusive shop has been around since 1996 and continues to thrive. Idexa won "Best Tattoo Artist" last year in the SF Bay Guardian's Best of The Bay poll.  

Aurora has also won numerous awards and her work has been shown at Intersection for the Arts, the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts and Galeria de la Raza. As a filmmaker, she's worked on fiction and non-fiction projects, including her role as Director of Photography to the multimedia piece Hey Sailor. She's also the co-writer and director of Default: the Student Loan Documentary.

And so for kicking butt--in a loving, gracious way--these are my "hot inked" women of the day!

idexa stern tattoo2.jpg

wow! beautiful, just beautiful

ok, so im starting to be bothered by the term 'living canvas".
we are NOT canvases, we are PEOPLE.
i think too many inkers in the current generation of tattoo art are forgetting that. i think too many artists are full of themselves and put the "art" before the person. i really loathe that idea.

nothing against the above artist.

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