Blog Watch: Munewari Minutes (and NY Adorned News)
11:03 PM
shinji tattoo.jpgI completely geek out over body suits-in-progress blogs, especially when the work is done by tattoo phenomena. [And it seems many of you do too considering the popularity of John Mack's series on getting tattooed by Horiyoshi III.]

One such blog is Munewari Minutes where Brooklyn's own Mike Crash posts on the progress of his Japanese backpiece and munewari. As Mike explains in one of his first blog posts,

"Munewari (literally 'chest dividing') is a tattoo style which covers the front of the torso while leaving the center of the chest untouched...The shape is meant to conceal the tattoo when traditional clothing such as a kimono is worn. As a matter of practicality, I confess the shape has become an anachronism. You're not likely to see many folks in kimono outside of the rare formal occasion. But the style is unique to Japanese tattoo and I think quite stunning visually, which no doubt has contributed to it's longevity--it is still a commonly tattooed style."

It's this information on Japanese tattoo, combined with Mike's own personal experience, that makes Munewari Minutes such an interesting read.

The artist creating the work is the renowned Horizakura, aka Shinji, of the Horitoshi Family. Horizakura has been tattooing Mike--by machine and tebori--for six years at NY Adorned.

The artists of NY Adorned have inspired other tattoo bloggers whom I love like my friend Sarah whose site Evolution of a Backpiece (which we posted here) relays her experience getting tattooed by Stefanie Tamez. Sarah was inspired by the blog (one of the first tattoo-in-progress blogs) of another dear friend, Keith Alexander, who died in July 2005. While his site is no longer online, you can see here on BME his backpiece, which was tattooed by Chris O'Donnell, also of Adorned.

shinji tattoo horizakura.jpg
Horizakura will not be at NY Adorned for long, however. As Mike noted in his most recent post, the artist will soon be opening up his own studio on the Lower East Side.

Other big changes are taking place at NYA:  Owner Lori Leven writes that artists Chad Koeplinger and Timothy Hoyer have gone on their own, and Bryan Randolph has moved back to California and is now working at Spider Murphy's.

The bigger news is that Lori will be opening up a new space on Elizabeth Street in Manhattan and bring all Adorned tattooists and piercers together in one location. Their original East Village shop will be turned into a jewelry store. And what about Brooklyn Adorned? Lori says:

"I want to close it. But, I want to sell it (of course, not to another tattoo shop ). Or become partners with someone I respect, in a new business that could well utilize the space. So, if you want to call me and talk about a business venture, please do so. Even if none of those things work out, we will still be leaving the Bedford shop. I'm a city girl and Manhattan is where I flourish. And when I flourish, my peeps are happy. And happy people working together is a blast!"

Best of luck to NY Adorned, Horizakura, Chad, Timothy, and Bryan in their new adventures. Will keep checking in on Munewari Minutes to see Mike's body evolve beautifully.


I too have loved this blog long time!

There are so many elements that I love about this suit. Namely the way it flows on the body and the smatterings of cannabis leaves everywhere. Bravo to both the artist and the recipient who gets to wear this wonderful piece of art.

I think those are Japanese Maple, and not cannabis leaves, but I do agree that the flow is very nice. I'm only about 13 hours into my packpiece, but my only request was no Japanese Maple.

Yeah, the blog is really good. Informative.

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