Disturbance in The Force: A Tribute To Star Wars
02:41 PM
4521101897_c1d2098ce6.jpg In celebration of the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, this Friday from 7-10 PM, Hope Gallery Presents "Distubance in the Force: A Tribute to the greatest movie series in history: STAR WARS."

The show will feature original works by over 30 renowned artists from all backgrounds including  Joe Capobianco, Tim Harris, Phil Young, Eric Merrill, Julio Rodriguez, The Beast Brothers, Sket-One, Jime Litwalk, Tony Ciavarro, BEZ KYNST, Bezerc, Lawrence DiGusto, Jr., Tom Strom, Jackee Strom, Amber Carr, Dan Dos Santos, Craig Driscoll, Keith Ciaramello, Nikko, Christopher Uminga, Chuckboy, Silas Finch, Durb Morrison, Matthew Ryan Sharp, Project Detonate, OsiRisORion, Toby Stranger, Ernesto Nave, Dimitri HK, Christian Perez, Martin Silva, Kelly Doty, Steph D, Lawrence Woods, Augie Pagan, Travis Franklin, Jason Allen, Polly Hatter, and more.

There will be also be food, booze, Storm Troopers, and giveaways provided by Gentle Giant. 

Then on Saturday, June 5th, you'll be able to view all of the works for sale on the Hope Gallery Shop and purchase the paintings and prints online through July 5th.

Bonus video: The Family Guy video below has nothing to do with the Hope Gallery Show or tattoos in general. I watched it on Hulu.com last night & wanted to share it because it's the best Star Wars parody I've seen. Seriously, you'll hurt yourself laughing.


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