Guy Aitchison on Citizen Radio
07:50 PM
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Today, on the wonderful Citizen Radio with Jamie Kilstein and Allison Kilkenny, the featured interview is with Guy Aitchison, "tattoo artist and philosopher" as they call him.

You can hear that interview streamed through Breakthruradio.com.

The "tattoo artist and philosopher" tag is fitting as the podcast touches upon everything from why Guy became a tattoo artist to tattoo myths to fighting greed and commercialism to scientific studies on human behavior to ... it gets deep, man. And that's good because it allows the personality of an iconic tattoo artist to show through beyond the usual questions on tattoos and technique. You feel like you're really getting to know the artist, and that's a credit to Allison and Jamie for their light but smart interview style--and all while Jamie is getting his half-sleeve by Guy.

It's an enjoyable listen even when the conversation gets most serious, and I learned a few things (and will be buying a subscription to New Scientist magazine, which Guy quotes at length).

For more on Guy, hit Hyperspace Studios.

guy aitchison tattoo.jpg

Hi Marisa, I can't find the interview anywhere on the breakthruradio.com website ~ the link above goes to their homepage. Do you have a direct link, I'd love to hear the interview!

hey Jay.

There's no direct link to the audio unfortch but if you look at the Citizen Radio podcasts you'll find it.

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