Hellenic Stixis Tattoo
11:50 AM
Hellenic_Stixis_tattoo.jpgPhoto by Gemma Cano Alvarez

As I mentioned last week week with my post on Kore Flatmo, I'm really excited by the tattoo work that is coming in for my next book, and I have to share some with y'all. For today's show-and-tell, I figured I'd honor my Hellenic homies and Greece's first ever win in the World Cup yesterday by presenting the work of an Athenian artist whose tattoo work--by hand and machine--is inspired by motifs and texts of the ancient Greeks and re-interpreted in a modern way.

Check the work of Hellenic Stixis. 

Below, the artist offers more on the influences in his tattoos:

The ''journey'' starts from the Cycladic era, around 4.000 b.c. and continues into Minoic, Mycenaean, Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic periods and reaches modern times. It explores the ways of expression that apply to all people, regardless of origin, belief or cultural background, since all people come from the same source. Our effort is to bring to light the things that unite us while at the same time preserving the beauty of diversity.

An important aspect of H.S. is geometry, since geometry expresses and represents the Archetypal that is common to all individuals. In addition, the technique of working by hand which we use, goes beyond technical achievements, and helps to approach the primary way of application of this ancient form of art in a ceremonial way.

hellenic stixis handwork.jpg

holy fucking awesome!

Greek hand method?
sign me up!

Hellenic Stixis is a master craftsman

we greeks have a way to impress everybody if we want to....this guy knows the past , lives the present and owns the future..he really is a master at this area of tattoo...


I met Dimitris at the Brighton convention back in January, and he was one of the most fascinating and knowledgeable tattoo artists I've had the pleasure of meeting. I'll have to see how I may incorporate him into a future issue of the magazine...

I love it! I have a couple Hellenic-inspired pieces. This work is gorgeous!

I met Dimitris in Santorini last year on holiday and got a fantastic pair of swallows done by hand. Dimitris told me all about the history of the designs we'd chosen which was fascinating. We've become good friends and he's come to England a couple of times to work in my studio and visit London's museums to get more information to add to his already encyclopedic knowledge of ancient Greece. Love his work and ethics - he is a true Spartan! (We're off to Crete next week to see him and catch up, so see you soon mate!)

I know Dimitri since 14 years ago and i push him for long time to be in the field of ancient Hellenic history and tattoo by hand ... i am glad to see his development on knowledge and skill . I hope to see more work by hand where i think is a true master ,very patient and precise....Since i meet him and work together in my studio and share the last year a house in Athens i see him study every single piece he does on customer and give them what you do not see so often anymore ,tradition ,knowledge , passion , and dedication . See you very soon my friend and good luck

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