Masterworks of Body Art Exhibition Photos
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benavides tattoo.jpgA couple of weeks ago, I listed the Masterworks of Body Art exhibit at the Oceanside Museum of Art in North San Diego in a must-see events post. James Tran, shop manager and apprentice under Bill Canales of Full Circle Tattoo, was there with Bill and clients of the studio, and sent along photos and a quick review of the show.

Check the photos, including the tattoo above by Rob Benavides of Flying Panther Tattoo, on our Flickr set.

Here's what James had to say about the exhibit:
"There was a gathering of some prominent Southern California tattoo artists at the Oceanside Museum of Art on May 15th for the 2nd Annual Masterworks of Body Art exhibition curated by tattoo artist Chris Winn and hosted by his lovely wife, Jade Winn. With artists such as living legend Fip Buchanan of Avalon Tattoo, Bill Canales of Full Circle Tattoo, Rob Benavides of Flying Panther, Opie Ortiz of World Famous Tattoo and several others, it was sure to be an interesting display of high caliber tattoo works for the mostly untattooed and older crowd--the majority being members of the Oceanside Museum of Art.

It was an intimate setting and actually sold out with standing room only; people were even turned away at the door. The exhibition itself was broken down into three parts: first, Mrs. Winn's presentation on the cultural and symbolic aspects as well as the history behind specific tattoo imagery--ranging from religious to Japanese tattoos. The second portion of the exhibition was the actual display of tattoos via a "fashion runway" catwalk. With over 30 models, each person would step out onto the stage, display their tattoo, and move on to another portion of the stage while the next person steps in to fill in their spot; at anyone one part, there would be three people on stage displaying their work. The last portion of the event was more of a mixer in the lobby of the museum where food and drinks were being served, and the models would walk among the crowd so everyone could get a closer look at the work.

There was also hand-tapping tribal tattooing from Su'a Sulu'ape Freewind of Black Wave Tattoo and live music from Evan Robinson from War Stories.

All in all I would say the event was a success; it ran rather smoothly and placed high quality tattooing in the limelight for the public to see and be educated. There were some amazing tattoos being displayed and the crowd was very receptive of the work and of Jade Winn's lectures, helping bridge the gap between the world of tattooing and the world of fine art."

Masterworks of Body Art5.jpg

oh James!
your in the limelight! bask in the glory that is needles+Sins!

LOL, keep drawing!

I enjoyed the photoset alot. This looked like a nice chilled out relaxing event. Can I just say its also a pleasure to see faces attached to great tattoos!

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