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needlesandsins headquarters.jpgI think I've only done one Needles and Sins Public Service Announcement, probably around this time last year, so I guess we're due for one. Let's call it an anniversary PSA.

I should first define what a PSA is, I guess. According to Wikipedia, knower of all things, "a typical PSA is part of a public awareness campaign to inform or educate the public about an issue such as smoking or compulsive gambling."

We'd like to address these very issues here. Our message is this:

Smoking, compulsive gambling as well as excessive drinking can be very expensive.
Server fees, travel expenses to conventions, and the cost of our events and swag aside, the real cost of bringing you this content for free is our bar tabs, bookies and a love story that takes place inside a pack of Camels.

Our advertisers are our enablers.

We are selective, however, as to who gets the job of making our lives a cautionary tale. Our latest advertiser is Eikon Device Tattoo Equipment & Supply. They paid for the post below. Now, we've been approached by a number of tattoo supply companies who've wanted to advertise, and we turned them down because we couldn't vouch for their stuff--and thus, risk steering you the wrong way so that you never return here. [We also have abandonment issues.] But Eikon has been around for over 13 years. I watched Dan DiMattia make his needles using only Eikon (later switching to their pre-made) and so I knew that top tattooers trusted them. And if Eikon takes money from top tattooists, we'll take Eikon's money and promote top tattooists. The circle is complete.

Yes, all this text above is simply to say: Please support our advertisers.

I know, WTF. We could've just asked at the start and avoided the verbal foreplay.

One more thing: If you'd like to support N+S beyond advertising, you can throw something in our virtual tip jar.  If 180 of you gave just a dollar, that would pay for our switch over to a new and reliable server, for example. You can donate by clicking the button below.

Thank you.


Hell Yes,
Eikon rules!

PS: what kind of server do you want?

We're switching to InMotion (business) because BlueHost have been bitches.

I'm glad you approve of Eikon. We turn down a lot of ads prospects because we're afraid of you Pete. ;)

Oh, and thank you all for the donations that are coming in. With them we can also make more swag like stickers and tees and do more give-aways.
Thank you Thank you!


im not sure why insist on inflating the ego of a total stranger, but thanks!
i think...

Fear, Pete. it's all about the fear you instill in strangers.

i guess if i want to keep up my rep., i better go get a swastika tattooed on my forehead!!

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