Sang Bleu 5 Launch & Exhibtion
05:30 PM

I've been a long time fan of Sang Bleu, my first appearance in any sort of publication was in Sang Bleu #0 back in 2006. I recently had the pleasure of finally meeting & being tattooed by Maxime Buechi (Sang Bleu creator) last week.

'Sang Bleu is happy and proud to announce its first official event in NYC! Hosted by Envoy Enterprises, the show will present a selection of works by Thomas Hooper, renowned tattoo artist and editor of Sang Bleu. Thomas' pictorial work although directly complementary to his skin-based work, sails far from the world of tattooing to explore a very medium-orientated abstraction. Mixing with ease orthodox and unorthodox painting techniques, organic textures with computer-enhanced patterns, accidental stains with geometrical entities, witnessing an undeniable although alienated legacy from Abstract Expressionism. In addition to the paintings, a projected composition based of found 8mm footages turn decay and memory into an abstract artistic language.

The second part of the launch will feature performances curated by performance artist Jack Ferver whose work combines confession, explicit choreography, and a darkly knowing gaze to elicit contradictory intellectual and visceral responses from the audience.'

The reception is tomorrow, June 11th 2010, at Envoy Enterprises at 131 Chrystie Street NYC. Get there early, this event will be packed!


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