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Eikon Logo.PNGThe following is a post sponsored by Eikon Device, providers of Tattoo Supplies.

Eikon Device is a leading manufacturer and online distributor of tattoo supplies and equipment. Initially formed in 1994 to research and develop tattoo needles, Eikon Device expanded its scope in 1997 to focus on the technical aspects of tattooing. This change marked the beginning of many published papers as well as two tattoo inventions: the Eikon Meter and Tru-Spring armature bars.

The success of Eikon Device is largely due to its foundation in science and research. Their continuous focus on tattooing techniques, safety issues and product quality helps tattoo artists make better choices about products and practices. Eikon Device offers a full catalog of tattoo supplies and equipment:

* Tattoo machines, from FK Irons to Neuma machines and supplies;
* Tattoo ink in five great choices for color:  Eternal Ink, Silverback Ink and Fantasia from the USA; Classic Color from Australia; and Dermaglo from the U.K.;
* Tattoo power supplies and equipment including tips, grips and tubes (incl. disposable);
* Needles are offered pre-made or you can choose supplies to solder your own;
* Disposable medical supplies, from dental bibs and ink caps to tape and bandages;
* Art supplies like tracing paper and drawing ink--and at a better price than most art stores

Additionally, it has a sizable library of research and educational information as well as art books including the recently released Tattoo Prodigies.

Eikon Device will soon be re-launching their website making online purchasing even easier.

Eikon Rules!

i only wish they had a distro in the USA...

I saw their site in Beta. When they launch there will be cool new changes.

Oh, and they do ship to the US as well as Canada.

i need more MACHINEGUNs!

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