Surviving Long Tattoo Sessions
12:04 PM
jinxiboo.jpgAnother fantastic blog I read is Jinxi Boo, which features the beautiful musings of Jinxi Caddel--heavily tattooed writer, mom, vegan, freethinker, cupcake guru, among so much more deliciousness.

Jinxi has a portion of her blog dedicated to tattoo history and advice called Tattoo Corner. One of the many helpful tips is her thoughts on sitting for long tattoo sessions.

Recently, she added to those tips with further advice from tattoo artist Timm McKenny.

Here are five of my favorites (with my own thoughts added) that I forget myself from time to time:

1. Stay hydrated. This does not mean drink whiskey. [You know who you are!]

2. Breathe. Sounds obvious but, on more than one occasion, I've seen people pass out because they didn't do so.

3. Communicate. Early. Clearly. Honestly. Those who've passed out failed to do this as well. It doesn't make you less worthy of the tattoo if you have to take a break here and there. Don't be afraid to speak up if something feels wrong to you in any way.

4. Don't psyche yourself out beforehand. I kinda did this last time when I got my foot tattooed. I kept saying to myself, damn, this is gonna hurt--and it did--but I should've went into it with a better attitude.

5. Believe that you are capable of great feats. In all things in life.

Read more here and here.

Photo of Jinxi by MichellexStar.

She's gorgeous!!

I love Jinxi. She is so amazing and a great role model.

Great post... I find communication to be the key, whether I'm behind the needle for under it. Great post, this is the kind of stuff our clients want to know!

I guess "long" is relative based on some of the things I've been reading.? I've never felt I "survived" a session, I usually rather enjoy them. The longer sessions seem to provide more time to get into the groove and develop almost a zen from the sound and sensation of the tattooing and the shop. Then again it amazes me when I see people who aren't prepared even for small sittings when I've been in a chair enjoying my session.

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