Tattoo Documentary from the 70s = Awesome
04:37 PM

What could be better than discussions and close-ups of tattoos in the seventies set to music my parents had on 8-track tape?  Watch the video above and try to come up with something.

Also check Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.

The third and fourth are mostly close-ups of tattoos, with a lot of boobs and butts and creative posing. The tattoos include facial work and a big penis in one's armpit. In Part 5, there are some large gauge nipple and genital piercing, so yeah, not work safe.

But so many reasons to love, love, love:
  • * Straight-razor shaving
  • * Rotary machines
  • * Rusty Skuse
  • * Flash of pin-up girls in bell-buttomed jumpsuits
  • * "Thunder pussy"
  • * And other quotes like, "Most men tend to go for animals and fierce animals, at that ...You certainly don't find cows or ordinary field animals." Indeed.

And yeah, there are a couple of things that aren't pretty like tattooing with no gloves and dirty fingernails and lots of rings.

Overall, this movie made me very happy. And inspired to wear bell-buttomed jumpsuits.

Thanks again, Broken.

I enjoyed the video. i was amzed with it.

thanks again, I love the vintage documentaries, of course, as they combine my love of history(ish) and tattoos. I love the way the speaker pronounces "tatew" and speaks so hesitantly


"Let's get this tattoo started, shall we?"
"Aren't you going to wash your hands?"

Great footage.

Dirty fingernails is an understatement. Those were the hands of a farmer except for the rings of course.

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