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02:25 PM
tattoosprout.jpgI've featured the wild and wonderful tattoos of Kristel Oreto of Crimson Anchor tattoo here before, but today I get to write about her greatest work of art: her daughter Angel who has created one of my new favorite blogs called Tattoo Sprout

As Angel explains, Tattoo Sprout is about tattoo life, art, and the industry from a kid's perspective, with the ultimate goal of writing her first book about it all. She just recenty posted a profile on tattoo artist Jeremy Miller of Pigment Dermagraphics in Austin, TX. Here's a taste:

"Jeremy's style is a blend of New Skool and Realism. New Skool is a cartoonish style of tattooing and realism is photo realistic. His style is very popular among his clients. He likes things that can laugh at while he does the tattoo. He tattooed a chick-fil-a sandwich with fancy sauce on my mom's butt. I'm sure he had to get a few laughs out of that! Jeremy's style is very bold and colorful no matter what it is. His work is influenced a lot by Graffiti ( I <3 Graffiti ), cartoony art and from even flat imagery of traditional tattoo style. Most of his clients give him ideas then let him do his thing on the artwork. He has recently started working with textures and colored lines but is most importantly working on line weights. Jeremy WILL NOT do letters, he says he isn't good at them. He WILL NOT do tribal he doesn't like it."

I know! It's awesome, right?!

Bookmark Tattoo Sprout to read more great posts from a tattoo blog prodigy.

OMG! I'm crying! thanks so much for the support!


Awesome Job!

As a heavily tattooed father, this almost demolished my heart with its cute factor.

Well, now that I'm out of a job...!! This kid rules.

Thanks for making the article about me Marisa. It really means a lot to me. Now I know that all my hard work has paid off. Every Wensday I will do a blog entry. Every Sunday I will do an essa on either an interview or something else. Whenever I do whatever it is on the blog I will think of you and make the hard work pay off again. I do

Angel, I can see how hard you are working and it is so GREAT! People are really enjoying your site and reading what you have to say. If you ever need any help, you just need to ask me. Keep being awesome!

Raddest thing ever! Did that child use the term 'line weights'?

Very cool to read about the newest member of our tattoo-blogging family. Welcome, Angel! I've added you to the Tattoosday sidebar!

I hope that someday if I have a kid, they are this amazing.

Here here! I hope I reproduce a little one with at least equivalent awesomeness. Hope she smacks some sense into her classmates that'd rather do non-constructive things.

Do you think people are getting tattoos without having any idea what they mean. Or why they wanted it. My nephew explained to me that he got a full sleeve tattoo because he thought it would be cool. He is old enough to have a tatoo and had the money to pay for it. So everything was legit except for his reason. I have tats but they all have meaning and I had to earn the priveldge of wearing them. What's you take on people getting tats for no reason.

I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in composing this article. I am going for the same best work from you in the future as well. In fact your fanciful writing abilities has prompted me to start my own blog now. Actually the blogging is spreading its wings rapidly. Your write up is a fine example of it.

Excellent information here. This interesting post made me smile. Maybe if you throw in a couple of pics it will make the whole thing more interesting.

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