World Cup Tattoos
04:57 PM
In the London Evening Standard, there's a slide-show of World Cup players with tattoos like Raul Meireles above of Portugal.The compilation is mediocre at best but considering that everything has slowed down around me because of the games, I figured I'll throw it up here for ya. Notably absent from the tattoo soccer set: my Greek team. Go figure.

It's a shame that you can't really make out what the tattoos are like. On a similar subject, I am reliably informed that now is a bad time to be working in a "street"/ walk ins type tattoo shop in England, as due to the World Cup, there's been a rush on British Bulldogs, St George's flags and the like. I'm all for people being proud of where they come from, I just wish that they were a bit more imaginative about it, and I can't understand why everyone in this country seems to go beserk with patriotism every time the world cup rolls around (sorry, rant over).

Johnny. Wait until we beat Germany on Sunday. Then you'll see patriotism!!!!! The vast majority of footballers, actors and musicians seem incapable of getting good tattoos. With the vast amount of money they have, they cannot chose a good tattooist! David Beckham lived in Madrid for years and yet with all the tattoos he got, he never got Robert Hernandez to tattoo him!?!?!? Go figure !!!

I wonder if the guys on the German team are allowed to get tattoos. The coach for the German team looks like he wouldn't allow it.

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