World Record: Most Tattooed Woman
10:46 PM

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I was gonna save this for a monster news review but y'all keep sending me links to the articles, so hell, I might as well put it up now:

Meet the Guinness World Record-holder for the Most Tattooed Woman: Julia Gnuse.

The press has been loving her the past few days because she was in NYC for Book Expo America promoting the Guinness World Records 2011 annual and Gamer's editions -- and she was clearly a colorful attraction. But she also has a particularly interesting story.

As Julia says in this video interview with the BBC, she found tattooing as a way to cope with a skin disorder called Porphyria, which can cause blisters or scarring. Twenty years later, and with 95% of her body covered in various motifs including cartoons and celebrity portraits, the 55-year-old has won her place among Lucky Diamond Rich (Most Tattooed Person) and Isobel Varley (Most Senior Tattooed Woman) in Guinness's Body Beautiful category.

Julia's tattoos are mostly done by Art Godoy of Fun House Tattooing, and have cost her about $70,000, according to AOL News.

To see more of her art, check the photo set on Mirror News and in this Reuters video below.


how fun! I remember seeing that Lucy episode as a kid, I love that she got an entire scene. I wish they showed her music video appearance.

Funny how so many interviewers can't come up with a more original question than, "How much have all these tattoos cost you?".

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