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11:57 AM
DAN HAZELTON BIOMECH TATTOO.jpgIn continuing to highlighting tattoo art featured in my upcoming book, I figured I'll give ya some biomech goodness courtesy of Dan Hazelton.

I've been a fan of Dan's work for a while--not just his tattooing but also his airbrush art on everything from canvas to cars to guitars and indoor decor like his work for Ice Bar. Tattooing professionally since 1996, this Milwaukee native spent 9 years at Absolute Tattooing in Menomonee Falls working on finding his style and building clientele, and now can be found at his own private studio in West Allis, WI (by appointment only).

I asked Dan about the influences in his art, and here's what he said:

"My influences consist of the amazing Guy Aitchison, Robert Hernandez, Aaron Cain, and Paul Booth to name just a few--all of whom are greatly responsible for my style. I like to do a lot of biomech and sometimes throw in some expression-filled faces or skulls. Some eyes and mouths are always good too! That is my main focus lately. I do tend to dabble in other styles but it's getting rare.
For the past few years, I've really gotten into digital painting. It's like a painting video game! Very collaborative friendly too."

Check out Dan's digital prints, like the one below, which he has for sale on his site.

dan hazelton art.jpg
To view more tattoo work, check his Facebook and MySpace pages for regular updates.

hazelton tattoo.jpg


very nice work!

WOW Dan's stuff really pops I haven't seen good bio mech in years but his stuff is very very impressive

I came across this topic on another blog and couldn't get the gist of it, but this post makes it clearer to me now. Appreciate it!

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