Filip Leu Tattoos
01:03 PM
It's happy dance time. Just received photos for my next book project from the Filip Leu.
I won't sully this moment with commentary. Here's just a taste.

filip leu tattoos5.jpg
filip leu tattoo6.jpg
filip leu tattoo2.jpg

He is so, so talented.

omfg in caps.

Holy.... wow.

*jaw drops*

How is that guy still so far ahead of the game after all this time? So many of his early peers are way, way past their primes, putting out dated, lazy work and reliving past glories. But Leu? Leu is still kicking it. What a incredible, incredible set of pieces.

(sorry, next time i'll leave a more pithy remark)

TALENT! He's work is AMAZING!

omg how long did it take?

The Leu Family just have a way of approaching things.

He is a Pleasure to be around as well. He is very fast and focused when he works and it is amazing to me to watch.

How can one man be so gifted, driven, humble, and a pleasure to converse with? To echo Matt's sentiments, Filip is as progressive now as he ever was.

Stunning work. I can't wait for the book to come out.


Filip Is one in a million. His work never looks tired or repeated. All you second rate hack job tattooers need to hang it up and call it a day.

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