New Advertiser: MIR Russian Criminal Tattoo Designs
10:26 AM
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Check the top right of this site and you'll see our new advertiser: MIR Russian Criminal Tattoo Designs apparel.

The clothing line was created by two designers from Russia--now living in Brooklyn--who are inspired by the tattoos from the 40s through the 70s found on prisoners in their homeland. While the clothing designs are largely interpretations of the prison art, some stay true to the original tattoos -- but without the the affiliation with any criminal organization or code.

As I mentioned in our holiday gift guide, when I first found out about MIR, I dig the stories and history behind the designs offered on their site. For example, the Lenin portrait with BOP underneath comes with this explanation:

"This particular one was a popular anti-authority tattoo but it has double meaning as do many other tattoos from that era. The letters underneath Lenin spell VOR, the Russian word for thief (which Lenin definitely was). But the letters are also an acronym that stand for Leader of October Revolution. So if an inmate was hassled by administration, he could always state that he was just really patriotic."

I have the "Free Woman" dress in black symbolizing "a woman that did not belong to any gang and followed only her own rules inside and outside of prison."

You can also custom make your own Russian Criminal Tattoo clothes as well. Choose your favorite designs and the item you want them on, send them a message, and you'll get a price quote back.

For standard items, tees & tanks start at $20, dresses at $40, and hoodies (front, back and sleeve design) start at $50.

As I always note, please support our advertisers so we can continue to keep giving ya the tattoo goodness for free.

Glad to be part of this awesome blog!

Oooooo! Cute stuff!!!

Marrisa, yOU HAVE THE PRETTIEST smile.

I got the black 'free woman' dress about 4 weeks ago :)

that rules!

I have a couple of books on Russian prison tattoos and that stuff is no joke!

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