Tattoos and Tentacles
02:53 PM
tattoos and tentacles by Julian Murray.jpg
Photographer Julian Murray is shooting a series that will appeal to tattoo and mollusk fetishists alike-- and how often can one claim to say that.

Tattoos & Tentacles is a photo project with the end goal of collecting the images in a coffee table book and presenting the work at fine art galleries and tattoo conventions. Julian has about 15 shoots done, which you can see more of at JulianMurrayPhoto.com (many NSFW).

Also check the behind-the-scenes video of the shoots here. (Also not really safe for work).

The crew would like to get about 40-50 more shoots for the project and are looking for more tattooed men and women to throw octopi on. If you're interested, submit photos of ya fine selves "in all your tattooed glory" to julian@julianmurrayphoto.com.

tattoos and tentacles 2.jpg

There's really an "Old Boy" feel to it... Park Chan-wook will appreciate. Bisous...

I wish I had more than a tiny amount of ink, or was at all attractive, so I could contribute. Though my small ink IS a wrist of bubbles, which could fit well with a squidlet wrapped near it!

No, no. Just a little too strange for me :)

just a couple of my favorite things!!

Weird but that guy is hot (as is Kevin from tattoosnob who also posed for the project).

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