The Human Avatar
01:10 PM

Actually, the title of this post should be: The Human Avatar = Dumbassness.

The opportunity to be a video game character is cool. I get it. I too have dreamed of being a cross between Lara Croft and Princess Peach Toadstool. But behind it all, a corporation has marked this guy--permanently--so they can make money. And that's not so cool.

Here's the break down of The Human Avatar: EA Games & Realtime Worlds have just put out a game called All Points Bulletin, APB. It's basically your usual combat game in a fictional city that "plays out the daily conflict between gangs of criminal and enforcers." Yup, nothing new here. In the game, players can customize their avatars, choosing their hair and clothes as well as tattoos and piercings.

In this promo for the game, you can do the same but to a young, naive person: The Human Avatar. So Josh, who seems like a nice enough guy (with a killer body, albeit non-tattooed), wins an online competition to be the walking billboard. Online voters then decide his haircut, clothes, and piercing -- all things that can be changed, and so if they left it at that, I'd have no real problem here. BUT they also get to decide what tattoo Josh will get and it's that belittling of the art that makes me wanna (first-person) shoot someone.

Of the four meager design choices, the voters chose angel wings. Yes, Josh. You now have a larger version of Nicole Richie's tattoo.
The upside is that the tattoo was done by the legendary Lal Hardy of New Wave Tattoo in London, who did a great job on the art. But the dude is still wearing angel wings on his back and it's not 1989.

I know. I'm not being a nice person. Yet my ire isn't with the kid who wants to be a video game character. It's with the corporation who took advantage of that to make a buck.

[Thanks, Matt!] 

I disagree.
The problem isn't the corporation. They put the idea out there but that's it. They didn't make the kid do it. He could have said no @ anytime.
The tattoo artist could have refused to take part in the deal as as well.
Everybody here got what they wanted.
The kid got to be a big part of the game, the corp gets all sort of promotion and fan involvement and the tattoo artist got paid.

You're understandably irked by general stupidity of the whole thing but if (big if) there is "wrong" here, it's between the kid and the tattoo artist.

Oh. One other thing.
It's really not much diff than people who get band logos tattooed. Logo's that are often designed in the corporate office of the record label.

Kinda reminds me of when a gang of online Shatner-philes managed to flood the Amazon.com book ratings and got "TekWar" ranked as one of the top American Literature Classics...

Or, rather... I would have *no* problem with this if people had banded together to vote for the stupidest possible choices for this Human Avatar... which, IMHO, they did.

i tend to agree with father panik, also there aint nothin wrong with wings in any decade.
whos to judge?

I can't believe that any one would enter that contest in the first place. If I'm going to get a tat then I for dang sure am going to be the one choosing it. Sounds like this guy was looking for attention or did it for a dare and lost out big...lol.

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