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metanoia postcard.jpgIn 24 hours, Brian and I will head to Edinburgh, Scotland for some fun and then Cork, Ireland for even more fun this weekend at the Traditional Tattoo and World Culture Fest. [Looking forward to seeing Colin Dale, Xed Le head, and the fabulous Pat Fish, Queen of Celt, among so many other wonderful artists.] Will have a convention review and photos when we're back next week.

Meanwhile, I wanted to leave you with a few events from NYC to Liverpool (Sydney, Australia) to supplement our list of favorite upcoming conventions through October.

In that list, I mentioned the one-night-only-must-see exhibit: Pint Size Paintings at NYC's Sacred Gallery this Friday, July 9th. [I wrote about the book here, and have a couple photos of the exhibit from my Hell City gallery here.] So, I'm offering this quick reminder because I really recommend the show.

Also in NYC, P.J.S. Exhibitions presents Metanoia, a group exhibit featuring the fine art of top New York-based tattooists Chris O'Donnell, Stephanie Tamez, and Thomas Hooper of New York Adorned; Josh Egnew of Three Kings; Jason June of Daredevil Tattoo; as well as a hand crafted motorcycle by Ryan Bonilla of Bellum Concepts. Bevin Robinson and Patrick Sullivan will be co-curating the show, which runs July 15th through August 29th. A preview of the artwork is shown above.

Finally, for my Aussies, Liverpool's Casula Powerhouse Art Centre presents Body Pacifica,  a show focusing on Samoan, Maori, Tongan, and Niuean tattooing and ceremony. For me, one of the more interesting features of the show is Leo Tanoi's exhibition, which looks at the history and change of islander attitudes towards Samoan tattooing, and "explores stories of copyright and change, and the uncertain future of tattoo designs from a traditional perspective." The show runs until August 29th. Read more about the show and see a photo gallery here.[Thanks, Zhan, for the heads up!]  

body pacifica.jpgTe Ao Hurihanga, photography by Chris Barber

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