101-Year-Old Woman Gets Third Tattoo
10:55 AM
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Photo by Will Vragovic for the St. Petersberg Times

I know I should be offline during my vacation but I wanted to quickly share with you a sweet story that Colin Dale of Skin & Bone sent me.

Mimi Rosenthal celebrated her 101st birthday getting her third tattoo at Requiem Body Art in Spring Hill, Florida. According to, Mimi got her first tattoo at age 99, a dime-size blue butterfly on her leg. She thought it was too small and vowed to go bigger next time. At 100, she got a larger tattoo--a flower--on her other leg. The problem was that she had to lift her pants up to show it off, so this latest one is now on her arm for easy exhibition.

Tattoo artist Michelle Gallo-Kohla, a long-time family friend of the Rosenthals, said that working Mimi's thin and fragile skin was "uncharted territory" but she took it slow and Mimi was pleased with her new sun flower tattoo.

When asked "Why a tattoo? Why now?" she replied "Why not?"

Right on, Mimi! She also jokes that the next tattoo will be on her butt.

You'd think with this kind of zest for life and humor, people would be positive about the article but, alas, "good Christians" infiltrated the comment forums as they usually do in mainstream tattoo stories and started calling the great-grandma a sinner. Then there are those who asked if Mimi remembered the Holocaust. And of course there were dumb jokes. [But there were a couple of good ones like "When she gets old the tat won't look the same." hehe]

It's not the first time, however, that we've written about a centenarian getting tattooed. In April 2009, Colin Dale tattooed 103-year old Karen Fredso Larsen on her hand (despite Danish law prohibiting hand and facial tattoos).

The smiles in the photos of both women show how much joy they've gotten from their tattoos. There's no sin in that.

I thinks this is awesome, one of the bast stories i've read in a long time. Good for you Grandma!

I never get tired of reading these stories... they always make me smile.

I do however get tired of self-righteous bastards blasting these older folks for their choices... I think they've earned the right to do whatever they want. Those who wag the finger have much more pressing issues, like getting a life.

its awesome how even old maids can "get it", while so many other are stuck being ignorant assholes!

go Grandma go!!

Bible thumping and Pensionist Bashing go hand in hand... God can actually be accredited with the first tattoo when he put his mark upon Cain.
I think these "young women" have more than earned the right to have a tattoo. After 80+ years of oppression let them enjoy the time they have left.
As the Maori's believe " we will recognize them in the afterlife" :-)

She'll never get a proper job now!!!

2 points to Broken

beautiful! get it granny

Go Granny! Thats freaking awesome.

Wow, cool grandma. I wonder if she will continue to get some more tattoos :-)

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