Artist Profile: Loic, Needles Side Tattoo
09:58 AM
loic art brut tattoo.jpg
One of my favorite styles of tattooing is the feverish abstract art movement that has its greatest popularity in France, Belgium and even Montreal but is created by top artists around the world. One of those artists is Loic of Needles Side Tattoo in France.

Loic, who has been tattooing for ten years, has his studio in Thonon Les Bains but you can also find him doing regular guest spots around the world. [This October, you'll find him in Brooklyn, NY at Tattoo Culture.]

He likens his tattooing to DJing: "A DJ uses different musical elements and effects to create one unified sound. I do the same but with images, using different artistic styles to create one discernible picture."

To see more of Loic's work, check his Facebook page.

[Very Shameless --> For more on this style of tattooing, check the "Art Brut" chapter in my Black Tattoo Art book.]

loic art brut.jpg
loic tattoo.jpg

really awesome art, thanks for sharing !

well done, but not for me.

It's definitely well-executed art, but it ignores the contours of the body. It would look great on a building or in a magazine.

Very cool stuff, but also check out Yann Black's awesome work at

i am the most impressed by the Artist's FOCUS and drive to get every perfect detail.

I´d rather be hated for who I´am than loved for who I am not! I really like that. Looks amazing!

i realy like this tattoo as it realy turns me on, and i have one on my penis saying "suck but dont bite"

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