Crappy Cinema Council
11:33 PM
Clips from unbelievably terrible movies mixed with standup comedy mixed with tattooed hosts mixed with booze means it's time for Team Jim's weird comedy baby, the Crappy Cinema Council (CCC).

Started by Jim VanBlaricum and Jim Crocamo (calling themselves Team Jim) this is the fifth CCC event. Jim Veebs explains:

"Jim and I have been huge fans of unintentionally-hilarious cinema failures for pretty much our entire lives. We both grew up watching "Up All Night" on USA, terrible movies on Cinemax, etc. And it's a somewhat unique format for a standup show. The clips take a huge burden off of us in terms of keeping the audience warmed up/laughing between sets. Because, really, when it comes down to it, we're both just unbelievably lazy."

The dudes and movies are super funny and the last time I went the clips were ninja-themed. NINJA-THEMED. Jim Veebs also sports a pretty serious 3/4 sleeve from tattooer Daniel Albrigo, which he describes in three words as "creepy grandpa nightmare." He has yet to agree to wear sweet cut off flannels on stage and show off the guns. 

Check 'em out this Sunday at 7pm at CoCo 66 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.



Sounds like a super rad time!

Sleeve is pretty rockin too... tho not as boss as the Def Leppard shirt he's sportin'!

he's a doucher!

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