Guess the Reference
01:27 PM
loic tattoo.jpg
My buddy Julien from, sent me this tattoo by Loic of Needles Side with the message, "Is this as awesome as I think it is?" I think it is. But what do you think it is?

For more on Loic, see our previous post.

I was thinking Gershwin/Sinatra lyrics at first, but I think I'm reaching a little too far...

Pan's Labyrinth?

Is that Cthulhu on the ring finger? A tooth? Cthulhu's tooth?

the Clue game pieces?

This is driving me crazy. The more I think about it, the more I think Brian has a point, though I can't account for the diamond or the Cthulu tooth. Maybe it is a "They Can't Take That Away from Me" duet with Frank and Cthulu and then they preform songs from Legs Diamond. The bigger question is why would I admit to knowing about anything with music and lyrics by Peter Allen and book by Harvey Fierstein?

I don't know what the meaning/reference is but that's some seriously gorgeous work, and the sort of thing a lot of tattooists screw up - for instance, I know a girl that went in for a a tiny little cherry blossom on her finger only to end up with a shapeless blob.

I'm pretty sure it's the Cluedo pieces. But I may have had a little help with that one!
Beautiful work.

No, it's not Cluedeo pieces - they are rope, dagger, revolver, candlestick, lead pipe and spanner.

Ok, Loic says it is a mix of different board game pieces. Now you can sleep restfully.

yeah, i was seeing the hand on the left as "the way you wear your hat / the way you sing off key / the way you hold your knife (oh no, they can't take that away from me."

didn't immediately see that as Cthulu, though. to me, it looked more like a tooth with an eye on it, which I took as a kind of Rebus for "wisdom"

anh, well, if Loic won't cough up the goods, I'm gonna just forget about it.

Great page design Thank you for writing about this. You saved me tons of time. I will check back for updates.

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