Hori Smoku at Rooftop Films
10:58 AM

We wrote up Hori Smoku's first NYC appearance about a year ago, but I can safely say that this weekend's screening at Rooftop Films will be a heck of a lot cooler than how Marisa and I originally watched the film (streaming it through Netflix on my laptop).

Saturday night, on the roof of the Old American Can Factory in Gowanus, Brooklyn, there will be live music by Cheeseburger at 8:30pm, followed by the screening at 9pm and then an afterparty in the courtyard with Sailor Jerry rum.

(Sadly, they've closed the RSVP option for the event, but a lucky few will get access to the event at 8pm on Saturday.  I'd keep an eye on their Twitter feed for details, if I were you.)

And if you're in NYC but haven't yet heard of Rooftop Films... what's wrong with you?  For 13 years, they've been screening amazing independent films on rooftops around the city.  They've partnered with IFC and every year they donate money to filmmakers looking to complete their projects (they've also gotten a hell of a lot more money from me than I donate to that girls' school from which I graduated way back when).  Most importantly, we all know how cool it is being on a city rooftop - but when you combine that with great music and awesome indie cinema, it's like turning gravy into gold (and I looooooove gravy).

Be sure to check out their extended schedule for the rest of the summer's screenings.

Netflix streaming for the win. (Same way I got to see it)

Screening was a complete disaster last time. RSVPs are irrelevant, most people didn't get in to see the movie and nobody was helpful or seemed to care. Could write a really long one here, but basically: not worth it.

Maybe different this time b/c it's Rooftop??

Guy -

I can only hope (or perhaps assume) that your bad screening experience was the result of last years event and not the work of Rooftop Films.

Admittedly, I'm biased because several of the founders/board-members of Rooftop are friends of mine from the last decade but I can honestly say that I have NEVER had a bad time at a Rooftop Films event.

Yes, sometimes I show up late and can't get a chair - but I don't mind sitting on the ground.

Yes, sometimes there's a drunk, snooty bastard sitting next to me who feels the need to talk during a film - but after a terse one-sided exchange, he'll usually keep his mouth closed for the rest of the evening.

I'm really sorry that you had a bad experience trying to see Hori Smoku (wherever it was) but I would highly recommend that you check out the Rooftop Films schedule.

They're the equivalent of a Sunday afternoon hardcore matinee; maybe there aren't the same amount of broken noses and bleeding ears, but they're "keeping it real."

And, more importantly, they're instigating "real change" from the ground up - and as an aging punker, thats the best thing you can possibly do with your life.

All the best, Guy! And, remember: you can always Netflix the film to your laptop and save yourself the drama.


Last time it was definitely not the Rooftop crew! I've got a friend that's worked with them in the past who only has good things to say about them -- sorry for the confusion, I think I just wanted to vent from last time.

The show at Rooftop Films last night was fun.It was a beautiful night to enjoy a movie.
It was my first time there.
The RSVP list was in order, the security crew were pleasant and helpful . The band "Cheeseburger"sounded great.
The movie was interesting,
and Sailor Jerry rum was pretty good too!

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