Juggalo Tattoos
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Our homie Nate Igor Smith, of the infamous Driven By Boredom, was at the Gathering of the Juggalos in Cave-in_Rock, IL, and captured the madness (much NSFW madness) of Insane Clown Posse fans. What we've learned from these photo sets is the following:  Juggalos are generally not skillful drinkers; wrestle-mania is popular (and mania in general); and their tattoo tributes are ...

... well, see for yourself.

Here's a taste of Nate's take on Juggalo tattoos:

Other than maybe Black Flag bars you don't really see a lot of people getting the same band tattoo, but fucking EVERYONE at the Gathering has the Psychopathic Records hatchet man logo. It's fucking crazy. I started out with the idea of shooting all these ICP tattoos but seriously 75% of the people there had them so I had to concentrate on the more outrageous tattoos, but even then I was sort of ignoring half of them. It just went on and on. I guess if you are the type of person to travel to the middle of nowhere for an Insane Clown Posse show you are probably the type of person to get their logo tattooed to you. [...] But yeah, this gallery is full of hatchet men and ICP tattoos but there are also Dark Lotus tattoos, Twiztid tattoos, Kottonmouth Kings tattoos and pretty much any of that wicked shit. Even Coolio has an ICP tattoo. These kids are seriously down with the clown.

Read more here.

What's a Juggalo? According to Wikipedia, "Juggalo or Juggalette (the latter being feminine) is a name given to fans of Insane Clown Posse or any other Psychopathic Records hip hop group. Juggalos have developed their own idioms, slang, and characteristics." Evidently, there is "Juggalo related crime" -- crime that does not include Vanilla Ice performing at the Gathering.

If you're seeking something more palatable than "inartful" tattoos and men with (non-ironic) mullets vomiting, check the other DBD galleries.

Fucking Retards!

Sisterfuckers United
"In the Ugliest Hillbilly competition the winner is...ah, you're all winners. Congratulations everybody!"

Have you ever spent any time around these fuckers??? Tthey are seriously screwed in the head! I mean beyond normal redneck-based jackassery. This shit is like a cult, only not as smart!

I lived in an area of this fine country that seemed to spawn these wretches... they are comeplete and utter idiots. No redeeming social value. And they all think that they are rappers... it's like ICP is the Creed equivalent of hip-hop (if I dare soil hip-hop's sacred halls mentioning them)... by allowing inbreds the idea that they can sing/rap.

I mean these assholes are so dumb, they actually have a line in a song called "Miracles" that says, "Fucking magnets, how do they work? And I don’t wanna talk to a scientist... Y’all motherfuckers lying, and getting me pissed"... brilliance. Pure brilliance.

... and these Spinger-rejects are breeding... en masse... beware.

The only thing I give ICP a nod on is that they always make fun of and talk about killing rednecks... therefore making money by dissing their core demographic. I think that's genius!... ok two things: They probably helped to keep Faygo Red Pop on store shelves... shuddup. I like it.

Other than that, they're just a bunch of no-talent ass-clowns ;^)

...sorry... must be drunk on some HATER-AID.

Not really trying to defend any of this, but I just wanted to mention that they aren't dissing their core demographic when they are attacking rednecks. If you are a weird kid who gets picked on and beat up every day by rednecks you are going to identify with songs about killing rednecks even if you are essentially a redneck as well.

This one'r for Justin stiches!

Interesting point Igor. Hadn't considered it from that light.

However, from my experience, that is not the case. I lived in a small city in southwest Ohio for a while and I can tell you that these kids are exactly the type that I described.

For a broad-generalization, I apologize... but where I come from, these people are complete redneck idiots.

But hey, I did say I like Faygo, right?


That is one huge tattoo. My brother has one that’s almost as big. I, on the other hand, would rather Face Paint the Body

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