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tattoo-brite.jpg In my last post, I asked y'all your thoughts in hiding my tattoos while in Greece. Some said that I should let my "freak flag fly" (awesome!) and be myself, while others noted the importance of cultural sensitivity and not causing family strife. Others said I should be covering up simply to protect my tattoos from the sun.

Well, I've taken all your advice.

I've been wearing light, long-sleeved tees on the beach to avoid sun damage and baring arms at the bars at night. 

While I've been here, I've also been trying out a tattoo-enhancing product, which I received before I left, designed to keep tattoos looking fresh and protect them during those moments when long-sleeves are no longer a necessity.

It's called Tattoo Brite, a "tattooceutical" that goes deep to the dermal level of skin (that houses your tattoo) and rehydrates the ink while also slowing our immune system's response to the work, which affects the vitality and longevity of the tattoo.

On the epidermal level, Tattoo Brite is an exfoliant leaving the tattoo, well, brighter as dead skin is sloughed away.

The cream also contains Titanium Dioxide for sun protection. It's SPF 20--I usually wear 50--so it's not my primary sunblock during the day. I've been putting it on before going out in the evening when the sun is still up so the added protection is a bonus.

The Verdict: My tattoos do look brighter. Our heavily tattooed friends at Cool Hunting have had the same results. And at $25 a pop, it's worth it for protecting your prized art work.

You can buy Tattoo Brite online or in stores like Ricky's and Bigelows. Find a full list of retailers here. In Europe, you can order it from Colette for 25 Euros.    

If you're interested in how our bodies hold the tattoos, check Discovery's "How Tattoos Work."

Sorry to be a dick about this, but you do know that "let my freak flag fly" is from the Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young song "Almost Cut My Hair", right?

It is a great line, applicable to far more than aging hippie hair, but the pedantic prof in me just couldn't let it go without attribution.

If you like Crosby,stills, nash & young, you're gonna love these guys!

Nice, you really did your research!

Marisa, is there any sunblock brand that you regularly use? I am always looking for a good sunblock that has a high spf, isn't greasy, doesn't smell horrible and won't give my tattoos a bluish tint.

Thanks for the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young reference. Now I know how others feel when I reference old school hip hop!

Mike, the Titanium Dioxide is a great natural sunblock but it does tend to leave that film over the tattoos.

I generally use Shiseido Sunblock 55. I know there are higher SPFs but over fifty (some say even thirty) the difference isn't that much. It can be pricey so use a tester to see if you like it before you buy.

I have a few friends that swear by Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch but I havent used it yet.

I'll second the recommendation for Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch. It's the least gross sunscreen I've found - doesn't feel sticky or greasy, and the smell isn't as strong as most sunscreens. The titanium dioxide stuff leaves that film everywhere, not just on tattoos; when I'm wearing that stuff, I look like a mime!

P.S. Just ordered the Tattoo Brite, on your recommendation. My first thought was, wow, $25 dollars is a lot of money for such a tiny tube of moisturizer. Then I remembered how much I paid for my tattoos and grabbed my credit card. ;-)

my fiancee loves the Shiseido sunblock
i use the cheapest stuff i can find...

i also avoid sunblock for the first month of healing a new tattoo.

how about you folks?

i'm an Aveeno fan.
i use their daily moisturizer with an spf 30 for everyday use.
if i'm gonna be out in the 100+ degree weather than i go for some actual sunblock and use their sunblock spray. it's one of the only ones without alcohol. i also use their sunblock lotion. anywhere from spf 55 to 85.
looking forward to trying Tattoo Bright.

@ Elizabeth: Sorry to be a dick about this, but you do know that "$25 dollars" is redundant, right?

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