02:15 PM

When Evan of Cool Hunting sent this video over to me, I thought it was a parody of "vajazzling." Alas, it seems it is not.

*mind boggles*

Please, someone teach that woman how to use an airbrush.

That clip makes me embarrassed to be human.

no gloves?!?

anything for buck, i guess...

news flash: that is NOT your vagina!!!


Ok. So. I can't watch anything with sound here at my work computer, but oddly, I didn't need to... I'm sure that video was even more mind numbing with sound.

That shit looks terrible... like grade school terrible (no offense to grade-schoolers who might be viewing). I would die of laughter if I ever saw that in person!

Why not just use Sharpie markers?

I have a hard time believing the seriousness of this too... saddly I know it is for real.

America. Fuck yeah.

fuck, fuck, fuck...I couldn't get through the whole thing, but my guess is one of them used the word 'amazing' at least once.

i too am ashamed to be human after seeing that stupid clip

because nothing says im going through a dry spell better than a cobweb/spider vattoo!
ps: personaly, i would totally get the tostitos logo or my home adress, so i know where to take my sorry-druken ass after the night is done.

This is absolutely the stupidest thing i've ever seen, Almost as bad as LA ink!

Thankfully these vattoos have all worn off by now. Imagine defacing such attractive young women with real tattoos of such shabby quality.

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