Vogue Italia Tattoo Spread
07:29 AM
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The August edition of Vogue Italia has a spread featuring models Ranya Mordanova and Naty Chabanenko with a little faux-body art--created by Kabuki--and as the fashion blogs say, "It's edgy!" [I vote for banishing that word from any tattoo description.]

According to the Fashion Gone Rogue blog, the spread follows in the high-heeled footsteps of Vogue China and their faux-tattoo feature "Tattoo Me Beautiful."

I would love to see models with real tattoos in high fashion and not just relegated to pin-up calendars. It's like Sunday's post where "edgy" tattoo-related campaigns and editorials still stay safe with their Photoshop and make-up tricks.

That said, the spreads are beautiful and worth a further look. More photos on


while I see your point about edgyness, I did want to make one point regarding the models. Usually in high fashion, the models that do best are the most versatile meaning they can pull off a variety of hair colors, makeup schemes and personae so that they can achieve the desired image of designers, which of course is pretty varied. The same model may need to appeal to and exude the image of ladies who lunch one day and the entertainment avante garde the next. The editor for this shoot may have felt these two models best worked with the image he/she wanted to create (in fashion the models are commodities too) and then simply styled them to achieve that end. (Same way a designer may completely change the model's hair until she's practically a different person). I imagine agencies play a huge role in this, since the models are like investments to them.

In response to the photoshopped tattoos from yesterday, someone commented that it proved tattoos are now no longer exciting. I disagree primarily b/c I think tattooing is and always has been and will awesome in and of itself as an art and cultural practice. But also because the photoshopped and makeup tattoos still indicate that while the image and perception of tattooed women is changing, not everyone has the balls to wear an actual tattoo-- it's still something you really do for yourself and I think it's that sense and image of confidence that advertisers are trying to commodify.

Isn't the fact that people want to use "tattoos" to "sell" us something, but not using tatooed individuals a little insulting in and of itself?

Is it just me or do all those models look like shop mannequins?

Audio: I almost feel I would rather not see real tattooed people being used as commodities. Most of us don't get tattooed with the express knowledge that it will be commodified whereas (arguably) models sign up for that component of the job.

I can see that however, when you have things like this, and the chanel temp tattoo sets, and the yahoo etc adds, but then a lot of people have to cover up their ink for work etc, it makes an interesting (and kind of offensive to me) dichotomy of "its ok to use 'edgy' imagery to sell thing, but only if its not real and can be washed off later."

I always think its funny when the fashion worlds tries to be "ooohhh so edgy" haha

That said I will tell you one industry that is heavily tattooed.... Chefs!

Every second chef I know is pretty much inked up - weird huh?

I kind of agree with audio... I don't like how it's cool and "edgy" (LOL! Missed ya Marissa...) to use tattoos and tattooing to push product, but then still cruicify people for actually having them... case in point, my gal and I work in the same office and we are both well respected at our job and even being considered fro great promotions... but they are hung up on the fact that we are tattooed. Even though we can easily conceal them (though i do have my fingers tattooed), they are still "nervous" about promoting us. I know that going below the "scumbag" lines on the arms was a risk we took, but it shouldn't affect our ability to perform in a non-public related environment.

My point being this: if it's ok to exploit tattoos and tattoing for the purpose of selling things or making things seem exotic (which it totally isn't anymore), then the judgement passed about having them should expire... at least we've worked past the heavily tattooed guy in films always being the bad guy... wait a second....

i'd like to see real tattoos on real people - and the artists creating the tattoos credited!

ICK! they look like they are made out of plastic

more real/ugly people please

ICK! they look like they are made out of plastic

more real/ugly people please

Your website is brilliant I will have to read it all, thank you for the diversion from the books!

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