Yahoo's Custom Tattoo
07:57 PM
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The wonderful Vince Hemingson of The Vanishing Tattoo sent me this new Yahoo ad that features photo-shopped custom work on a petite coquette who really loves social networking. And flowy scarves.

Vince sent the ad around to a bunch of us who dig this stuff (after it was passed along to him from a law professor for comment) and offered his thoughts:

"The tattoos of the young lady in question are an excellent example of a graphic designer's superb grasp of the use of Photo Shop.  Hence, I am sure she is a model, chosen for her delightful, girl next door quality.

I do find it interesting that Yahoo's marketing department has decided that body art and social networking both uniquely reveal something about an individual.  And tattoos and body art, especially large "tattoo sleeves" on a young woman, are still rare enough to make her seem "cool", "edgy" and an "early adopter" of social trends, something Yahoo no doubt wants potential users to consider when it comes to using their products.

And with Yahoo's search engine expertise it has probably not escaped their notice that tattoos continue to be a top ten internet search item and that more than one of three North Americans between the ages of 18-35 have one or more tattoos.  According to a recent Harris Poll, it's 36%!

Needless to say, Yahoo's marketing campaign is certainly an "artfully" executed attempt to resonate with the segment of the marketplace that has embraced tattoos and body art as a form of personal expression."

Seeing ads with tattoos has become so common that I don't even give it a second look any more. But I agree with Vince that the choice of the "girl next door" and not punk chick is a new twist.

Do y'all still find it surprising to see tattoos used to shill things like a 90s web portal?

I couldn't believe how tacky and horrible this ad was, along with the bad photoshopped stickers on a "musician's" guitar case, etc...

It appear on the Yahoo sign in page as well. Unlike Anon, I thought it was pretty slick.

i'd click dislike on the photoshopped logos, but i like the overall look of the ad, including the non-uber-skinny woman wearing something i'd wear (yeah, i outgrew my punk clothes from the 70s).

There used to be a time when seeing someone with full sleeves was actually Exciting. Nowadays I run the other direction whenever i see someone with tattoos.
It's for everyone now and honestly it makes me sick to my stomach.

The execution may be well produced, but it's rather corny. I also can't imagine it having any real resonance with it's intended audience. As an ad agency girl who used to manage Lycos, I have to add the concept has been done to death, especially by mobile comms platforms.

Having heard though this week of a top UK drama school that refuses to admit pupils with visible tattoos, it's one merit is perhaps that it moving in the right/opposite direction.

If the point was to "resonate" with the "segment" that has "embraced" tattoos and body art, wouldn't there be a better way to do it then to trivialize the art form into fake tattoos (and some bad stars) that include imagery of corporate logos that no self respecting person would have advertised across their arms? I don't see this as directed towards the tattooed, but just another lame marketing thing to show how much they "get it."

Cheesy and like the above poster say - done to death - that said I remember Yahoo hiring original punk rock skate boarder Steve Olson years ago to promote their services so I guess some one from their ad agency has a clue

old, boring and lame
yet another example of the mainstream using and abusing sub culture

are you sick of body art as fashion yet?!?

wait is tattooing still a sub-culture??

Tattoos are no longer a subculture in North America, the USA, Western Europe and Australia. Don't forget the ancient Chinese tattoo art. Just because the age old practice of tattooing went mainstream, starting with the young adults, doesn't mean it's a subculture. So, the mainstream isn't using and abusing subculture. When so many people, young, old, men, women, of just about all walks of life have tattoos, although it doesn't scream "corporate", there isn't a subculture to it anymore. Now there's a new tattoo parlor (tattoo studio or tattoo and body piercing joint) on every corner of downtown in every city!

Plus, I think the girl is pretty, and I like the way the tattoos are combined with the fresh, innocent girl-next-door look. You'd be surprised at how many society matrons and princess types have visible tattoos -- I'm talking rich bitches, not white trash.

why the negative comments.... it has obviously done what it was meant to... got some marketing across that inspired debate, and yes she is hot!!, does it matter whether tattoos are main stream or sub-culture, if you want a tattoo have one, but think about it first, if not then don't... simple!! I think the sleeves look well done... obviously photo shop and adverts make poor choice for tats... but still they are done well....

Who is she? I thinks she's beautiful!

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