9/11 Tattoo Memorials
11:29 AM
9-11 tattoo.jpg
I couldn't let the day pass without a 9-11 memorial post. To view how some New Yorkers chose to commemorate lost loved ones on that day, see the Indelible Memories Project by Vinnie Amesse, which includes the photo above. In 2003, over a 100 of Amesse's photos were shown at the Historic Museum at Historic Richmond Town in Staten Island, NYC.

Since 2005 (from my days), I have posted on 9-11 memorial tattoos and not all responses to these posts have been positive. I have been accused of ignoring the deaths of those in Iraq and Afghanistan, and of blind flag-waving patriotism. I still do not know how a day of remembrance negates other tragedies. I'm a New Yorker who lost neighbors and family friends on that day and these posts are a tribute to their memory, not a political statement. If anything, it's a reminder to be grateful for spending time with loved ones who are with me now,

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