Baltimore Tattoo Convention Video & Photos
06:15 PM
dan henk tattoo.jpg Baltimore Sun photo by Algerina Perna

The Baltimore Sun had some good coverage of the weekend's Baltimore Tattoo Arts convention, including a slideshow featuring this photo of Dan Henk working [where you can just make out his head tattoo that Nick Baxter did in June]. They also shot footage and interviews from the convention floor, shown below.

Just before the convention, the newspaper interviewed organizer Troy Timpel, offering a preview of the event, and published a "Tattoos at the Baltimore Tattoo Museum" photo gallery. In his interview, Troy said:

"I liked getting the dirty looks from the old ladies back in the early '90s and late '80s...It's no longer the lowbrow biker, sailor, convict kind of thing that it was 20 years ago. Sadly, I think it's become socially reputable."

Sarcasm aside, the show drew in over 5,000 convention goers, and from the Twitter feeds of some artists in attendance, it sounds like it was successful for many working it as well.


Is there a reason why at the 00:26 mark the artist is tattooing without gloves?? What the hell?

at :26, the guy actually seems to be wearing pink gloves, if you pause it you can see than no fingernails or anything are visible.

also, off topic but, with all these tattoo conventions being covered, im surprised the boston convention seems to have flown completely under the radar

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