Black Light Beats
10:13 AM
Thanks to our esteemed colleague Jay Fingers, it was brought to my attention last night that rapper Lil Wayne has a new video out for a song called, "I Am Not A Human Being." Admittedly, I have no love for the syrup-slurping, Rikers Resident, but Jay was quick to point out that the video features Wayne's latest ink acquisition: a collection of stars and a set of kissy-lips done up in UV (blacklight) ink.

We've discussed black-light tattoos before with our coverage of the Lost/Dharma Initiative tattoo and the difficulties associated tattooing with UV ink (the artist needs to work under a black-light while creating the piece) - but I think we should go to Wayne himself for his insight on the process:

So... what have we learned, children?  Well, apparently tattoos hurt and letting someone paint on you makes you a "bitch."  

Getting green, day-glo stars around your eye, however, is 100% Gangsta.

(In my opinion, the song itself leaves much to be desired - I don't know what producer in his right mind allowed Wayne to wait 90 seconds at a stretch to hit such a poor excuse for a "hook" - but if you're interested, the music video is embedded after the jump)


Here, I could eat a load of alphabetti spaghetti and shit out better lyrics than that.

Mel, I couldn't agree more (and I am *totally* stealing that "alphabet soup" line).

I still don't understand why people with so much money get such horrible tattoos.

Audio, I'm with you!

I also cant believe how many media outlets are covering this! My google alerts for "tattoo" are blowing up with this.

Mel, too funny!

And Brian, where's my chicken soup? There's a sick blogger here!

This guy is seriously the end of music. I declared war on him a long time ago.

His tattoos are a joke, his "music" is a joke, he's a joke.


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