Bodies of Work by Brian Cummings
02:06 PM
brian cummings bodies of work.jpgAdding to our features on gorgeous photography with tattoo themes, here's a taste of Brian Cummings' Bodies of Work. Brian debuted this work in April, so I'm late to the game, but the photos can be appreciated at any time. Here's what he says of the series: 
As a visual artist, I am drawn to contrast. Contrast of light and dark, b&w, drama and comedy, etc. I like the push and pull of two extremes. I'm intrigued by the wide gap between two points. As an art form, tattooing does that for me. On one hand, you have something that for some is rebellious and taboo. On the other, it is an art form with a long tradition with great beauty and personal meaning. I wanted to explore the idea that tattooing is a form of fine art and the body is just another canvas. Pulling lighting influence from the Baroque masters, I attempted to treat each subject as a canvas painting. What would a Reuben's painting look like if his models for tattooed?

See more images here and here.

Thanks to the wonderful Clare Goldilox for the links.

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Those photos were absolutely astonishing... some of them looked like the classic painting styles he was after.

Very nicely done.

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