Ed Hardy: Tattoo the World Documentary Tonight
05:10 PM

Last year, we wrote about the release of the Ed Hardy: Tattoo the World documentary, which looks at one of tattoo's most influential artists before the association with trucker hats, energy drinks and bowling alleys(!).

Director Emiko Omori takes a look at the artist, not the brand. [Omori is also co-director of the 2003 documentary Skin Stories on Polynesian tattooing.] The film chronicles Hardy's life since childhood, where as early as 10 years old, he began to "tattoo" his friends with eyeliner and colored pencils.

You can see a number of great clips from film online here in addition to the one above.

If you're in Los Angeles tonight, you can check it on the big screen at UCLA's Hammer Museum at 7pm. Tickets are available at the Billy Wilder Theater Box Office one hour prior to start time.

This was so good! Met Ed, too. There will be a screening at MoMa in NYC in February. Mark it!

That looks soooo effin' cool!

Though part of me wonders how many chodes will be at those viewings, adorned head to toe in the brand... I think I will just wait until it is available on DVD.

Still, I have to say that it is really rad that someone has taken the time to explore the history behind the man and actually tell his story.

Definitely antsy to check this out.


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