Jodie Marsh Tattoo Apprentice Tonight
10:39 AM

Tonight is the UK premier of Jodie Marsh Tattoo Apprentice, which airs on DMAX at 9PM.

As a silly American not schooled in the ways of British reality TV tramps, my first question was Who the hell is Jodie Marsh?  And as I do with all things in life, I consult my blog bible Wikipedia. Its entry on Jodie claims she is a "glamour model" and "media personality."  Ok, so she's Tila Tequila or that Daisy of Love travesty -- all tattooed women whose only great achievement is furthering the tramp stamp stereotypes.

Even worse, Jodie is known for, let's just say, less than artful tattoos. She once lost a bet and had Bizarre magazine readers chose a tattoo for her (which you can see in this video). It was a sperm (or devil tail, can't tell) winding out of her butt crack. This press release also lists other gems in her "body art" collection:

Tattoos aren't the first thing you think of when Jodie Marsh's name comes up, but she has over 70 of them - from her first, the word 'cheekie' tattooed on her lower back, to an exact copy of the stilettos she wore as a lap dancer at Stringfellows - and the art of inking is her passion.  

Yup, her passion.

My next question was, Why Louis Molloy would ruin the rep he's built for twenty years to be a part of something that makes a mockery of his art?

An argument could be made that the show seeks to present how difficult it is to learn to tattoo and that apprenticeships can be grueling. As seen in the clip above, an apprentice must do a variety of tasks in the shop, like sweeping the floors, before she can even touch a tattoo machine. And as expected, Jodie doesn't want to sweep. Cue the reality TV drama.

According to the press release, however, the end goal of the show is to have Jodie do her first tattoo and hopefully open up her own shop. Like all tattoo TV shows, the art is edited down so that, magically, a sleeve can be achieved in an hour and a tattooist is made overnight. It'll be a sad night tonight when it airs.

For those in the UK, if you sully yourself watching this, please let us know in the comments what you think. 

ahahaha, I was wondering what you'd make of this. She's a foul woman, can't stand her, also wonder what posessed the others who took part in this programme, disgusting idea all round.


Luckily, DMax is an obscure cable channel, and so no-one will actually see this travesty...

Louis Molloy, shame on you.

I'm going to watch it so I can partake in the noble tradition of being snarky for every single minute of it. On the upside just think how many awesome studios will now open because of 'if Jodie can do it, bet I can'.

Oh lord. Thankfully I don't have the DMAX channel as the sight of Jodie Marsh in anything other than meat grinder makes me want to self harm.
All I know of Louis Molloy was a brief watching of 'London Ink' and I thought he was a fame hungry, egomaniac...perhaps I wasn't too far off.
It's just wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Oh sweet sufferin' jesus, what a travesty....

Well, having just watched it, there was only one surprise! Louis actually said at the end that he didn't think Jodie had what it takes to be a tattooist! shock!!! horror!!!

Just a quick re-cap of the show. First off, Jodie is a very poor artist. She draws a bit, but is still poor. She goes to a studio for apprenticeship, they tell her she needs to sweep up and show she can clean first. She throws a hissy fit and storms out, crying. The next studio allows her put a tattoo machine together straight away, then tattoo fake skin, then her own skin, then her friend and finally her dad. All within a very small time frame. We know this because she is shown at Sonisphere beforehand.

The studio in question is Viper Studio. I have a good story about the integrity of this studio, but I don't think this is the place to share it?

no, go on! I'm interested...

Thanks, Broken. No story is really necessary about the integrity -- I think this show says enough.

I just wanna say... have any of you ever met Jodie? NO?! Aaaah so what qualifys you to call her a tramp?! I have met her and she was the most delightful 'celebrity' i have ever encountered. Shes open, honest and very caring! Leave her alone. Your like a bunch of bullies.

I have always wondered when this facet of tattooing was going to get covered in reality TV. Wonder what took them so long... Let's see how many scratcher chefs we can actually fit into the tattoo kitchen, eh?

As for Louis, maybe he doesn't think his shop has enough infamy? I dunno what he was thinking, but I doubt that doing anything related to this woman is going to bolster his shop's rep.

And why call her a tramp? Well, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck... an exact copy of her stripper shoes? Classy.

And I'm not a bully... I'm an elitist snob ;^)

I've had the (mis)fortune of meeting her and "delightful" is definately not a word I would use. However this is about the fact she has chosen to defile the industry she says she loves. In this programme she has shown no respect for the tattooing artform. She is like a spoilt brat who "deserves" to be a tattooist because she likes it! If she wanted to make a programme showing what new apprentices have to do, ie years of basic cleaning and skivvying, before learning the fundamental basics of tattooing including going on various courses on hygeine and health and safety, then yes I would applaud that.

But this programme is just about her wanting someone to show her how to use a tattoo "GUN" !!!! It's a machine!! FFS

This show laughs in the face of everyone that's worked there asses off to be a tattoo artist. Never mind that her Clients are gonna love the diseases they catch from her lack of cross contamination technique, awesome thanx for this show, really...

TV imitating life, unfortunately

I work in a tattoo studio.
I gave her the benefit of the doubt and watched the show.
This is not a slice of reality and no one bends over backwards and jumps at the chance of letting the untrained tattoo someone without some lengthy and proper training.
Cleaning the actual studio is just the start of the cleaning chores, does Jodie not need to know about cleaning her equipment and work area and the real hazard of cross contamination?
I guess not, she shows her breasts for a living!
Her drawing skills are like a teenage girls doodles on school books at best, with no real natural flair and her first tattoo was very sketchy with blown lines and mistakes galore with wonky lines.
The tattoo on her own leg the same, with absolutely no real concept of artist shading, just block black shading.
I just feel for her poor dad, a design obviously drawn up by someone else and exectuted... Well let's just say she pretty much exectuted her dad's arm!
People again just fell over themselves to blow smoke up her arse and tell her how good she is.
But the real worry is the plan for her own studio within 6 months to a year. Of course there is going to be a queue of people booking in though as they all want a part of the glamour girl regardless of the quality of the artwork she does. What will happen when someone wants a Japanese sleeve or backpiece? I hate to think

There are enough scratchers and kitchen artists out there causing a stench in the industry without it become a reality show giving a completely unrealistic view into the career I love and have worked extremely hard to be part of.

A farce from start to finish to be honest.

This programme literally made me want to be sick in my mouth. As someone who is extremely interested in the tattooing culture, I found it really offensive how it was shown to be really really easy to get into the industry with absolutely no talent and there's way too much of it around! So many young girls are getting apprenticeships based on their boobs and not the sketchbooks and it makes me seriously cross. I also didnt understand how she was tattooing so quickly! From one scene of louis telling her she's forever away from actually tattooing someone, to tattooing a mate the next day! It's just ridiculous, she's not even learning a skill. Being in FHM or Front shouldn't enable you to start working in a studio.

As a female tattoo artist in the uk, i think its a real shame that after all the years of hard work myself and other female artists put into our beloved profession we get Jodie marsh as the face of female tattooing, hardly the image we are trying to portray! wonder where the term tramp stamp came from?

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