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05:24 PM
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Ok, it's not high art but these tattoos on Christophlr -- submitted to Fuckyeahtattoos on Tumblr -- made me giggle.

Via Jess Versus.

think i should get the apple spinning wheel of death right above my clit...

...if only i still had some naked skin there!

hot damn!

i like!

may suggest they go on the thumb & pointer fingers?
but spinning apples of death should always be placed on the genitals.

Sharp Corporation has a technology tattoo. The stainless steel elevator doors in one of their buildings are etched with IC layout.

Chip designs really are works of art. Years ago, my girlfriend at the time encouraged me to get a tattoo of a chip layout. Wary of changing technology, I hesitated.

When I commented on the doors at Sharp, my host sheepishly replied that the design was 0.8 micron technology. The mainstream is now 45 to 32 nanometers, a shrinkage of 18x to 25x. To anyone in the semiconductor business, it is immediately apparent that the pattern on the elevator doors is dated.

Not only has chip technology changed, Sharp's focus has changed. It has reoriented itself away from digital chip design to LCD displays and solar cells.

Beware the technology tattoo. The technology itself will change, and the particular technology that catches your imagination will change.

Usually I groan at tattoos like this, but this one is really well done and actually fun.

So, Cheers!

what about outdated tech?
i still plan to get a cassette tape one of these days. it denotes my generation, musical freedom thru piracy and more. it will be yellow, for those in the know.

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