Jamie Siever's Tattooed Parents
10:49 AM
jamie siever photography 1.jpg
Philadelphia photographer, Jamie Siever, has a body of work that is awwww worthy: the tattooed family portarits with beautiful newborns (and pregnant bellies) cradled in decorated arms. Jamie, who also photographs the unadorned, explains the spark behind this work:

From the very first time I photographed a tattooed mother with her newborn baby, I was hooked. I love the striking contrast of a tattooed parent's inked skin against their new baby's pristine skin. I love to see the arms of a tattooed daddy tickling his son, or a child peeking around her tattooed mama's calves.

Jamie was so inspired by the tattoo stories that a blog was born complete photos and interviews with Phillie tattoo artists. The portraits of tattooists working are less cute but pretty cuddly nonetheless depending on your taste.

See more tattooed portraits below.

jamie siever photography 3.jpgjamie siever photography 4.jpg

absolutely gorgeous pictures!! I am SUCH A FAN of Jamie's work, just blows me away!

Beautiful work with such an original point of view!

She is an amazing photographer!!

So Beautiful!!!

Bababababa-B O R I N G!

Logan, aka, Tom/Clint/Grover/Dugan/Dave/Cal ...,

Critique is always appreciated. But acting like a 13-yr-old isn't.

wow, she is phenomenal! i love that first image!

Wow. Simply amazing portraiture!

Those are such gorgeous images!!! Love them!

I am a huge fan of Jamie's work. Love these images!

WOW-- I love her work! The first one is really something special.

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